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Survey 2017
Posted by: TravisLyle - June 22, 2017

As our humble town in the dust has grown into a city, so numbers and data have become an important means of understanding who our people are, where they come from and how they experience the thing we all do out there. With that in – Read More

It’s Decompression Time!
Posted by: TravisLyle - June 16, 2017

Step up, roll up & dress up – it’s Decompression time again! This year’s event is a pageant, a carnival, a fiesta and a variety show – and it’s one at which you MAKE IT HAPPEN, just like you did in Tankwa Town. What is – Read More

Spark Grants Available!
Posted by: TravisLyle - June 2, 2017

Beyond the Binnekring in both space and time is where you’ll find our Outreach team doing its thing with and for the community. But which community? And what is community? Like all things AfrikaBurn, these notions are ever debated and hopefully evolving. Outreach is inviting – Read More

Let’s talk about toilets!
Posted by: tola - May 18, 2017

So, what was the story with toilets at the Burn? This year was a strange year for toilets at the Burn, here are the facts behind the toilets this year. Dependent on the type of event and numbers you are holding, you can work on – Read More

Medical Report: GI incidents at AfrikaBurn 2017
Posted by: TravisLyle - May 11, 2017

Medical Team Feedback Initial Presentation and illness course Initially gastroenteritis was not suspected (when the first few cases were seen in the clinic). Most people were treated for heat exhaustion/heat stroke. Temperatures were greater than 40 degrees during the day consistently, crew members and participants – Read More