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AfrikaBurn will blow your hair back whichever way you choose to experience it. The more you do, the more fun you’ll have – guaranteed, because it’s a do-ocracy – a place where you’re welcome to start something, make something or do anything (within reason). Forget standing at the sidelines – jump in with both feet and get busy!

There are many ways to participate, and it’s largely an anarchic space in the true sense of the word – you’re free to do as you please as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. The only thing expected of you is that you build something, sing something, dance something, cook something, bake something, gift something, share something, play something, or fill almost any role that strikes your fancy – so long as you do something you’re participating.

If you want to get involved, you’ve come to the right place.


So how’re you going to unleash your imagination? If you plan on building, performing or driving a Mutant Vehicle around, you should register that. Here are links for registration:


Click here for Artwork Registration.

Theme Camps

Click here for Theme Camp Registration.


Register a Performance here 

Mutant Vehicles

Register Mutant Vehicles here.

PLEASE NOTE: Mutant Vehicles MUST be registered before the event – if you rock up with an unregistered Mutant, it will be grounded on site, and become a stationary artwork. Which will be no fun.




PREP (Before the event in and around Cape Town)

Sign painting, sewing flags and MOOP bags, admin and logistics relating to event co-ordination, archiving photos, and so many things its impossible to list. Fill out the volunteer form to let us know what you want to get involved with and what you are up for.


Our DPW are responsible for creating the key infrastructure of the event: roads, signage, toilets and much more. Like getting your hands dirty? Your skills will be put to good use working with the DPW. In order to take on the role of being DPW crew volunteer, you’ll need up to five weeks free time out in the Tankwa Karoo.

Click here if you’d you’d like to sign up for our DPW crew.



The large art structures erected at AfrikaBurn need many hands to bring them to life. Good with power tools, wood, metal or electricity?

Sign up here to assist on Artworks.



Yep, we have an airstrip, and it needs to be manned (or wommaned) by capable aircraft lovers. Sound like the thing for you?

(link to be posted soon)



Ever wanted to do some fun traffic control, check tickets and guide people through the essential portal of entry thru to AfrikaBurn? There are two ways to volunteer for Die Hek –

(links to be posted soon)



Bubbly? Enthusiastic? Fancy welcoming the citizens of Tankwa Town with a smile, song or dance? Perfect. Get to dress up and welcome, orientate and inform people as they arrive.

(link to be posted soon)



Rangers aren’t the police or security, but rather there to make sure everyone has a good time and doesn’t get hurt. They’re active participants in the community, who promote awareness of what AfrikaBurn is all about and point out potential hazards. Rangers walk about, engage with the community and mediate where necessary.

So if you enjoy assisting others, guiding the odd burner through a difficult circumstance and generally enjoy keeping the peace, you’re Ranger material. But bear in mind you must be calm, flexible and have a sense of humour.

(link to be posted soon)



It’s the place where anyone can go if they’re having a hard time, or feeling overwhelmed. If it’s a physical or psychological challenge people are facing and it’s too much too handle, our Sanctuary crew will be on hand to assist in a calm, peaceful space. And you’re welcome to join the team.

(link to be posted soon)



Ever wanted to spend some time at the nerve centre, and encourage people to sign up for shifts and help burners volunteer for what they want to do to make this event what it is? Do you enjoy sharing info? Then look no further – the booth needs you!

(link to be posted soon)



If you’re sociable, enjoy organising different aspects of a bigger picture, and like things to run smoothly, this one’s for you. You’ll be coordinating logistics around volunteer shifts, meet many people and help orientate volunteers as they prepare for their shifts. You’ll also guide burners and exude volunteerism through your every pore. This shift is perfect if you’ve volunteered before and you want to share the gift that keeps on giving – extreme participation! Yes?

(link to be posted soon)



Be on hand to assist photographers, members of the media and independent film crews, to register on site and get a sense of how best to approach fellow Burners to request their photo be taken, or be filmed. Great way to meet people, and you get a prime position to watch the world go by.

(link to be posted soon)



Working here means you’re the reception desk for arriving artists and theme camps, both registered and unregistered. You’d get to help them locate their designated spots (or find them one). This is a great way to meet the people that create the magic of Tankwa Town.

(link to be posted soon)



Good with kids? Interested in helping them and their parents by registering kids when they arrive – so that, if they get lost, they can be easily reunited? We’d love help with this important aspect of our event.

(link to be posted soon)



They dish out the coolest – and only – product sold in Tankwa Town. It’s a great way to meet people, and earn the undying admiration of thirsty and hot burners.

(link to be posted soon)



Does what it says on the tin – you would assess the burn sites and check that each art crew has successfully cleaned up their patch, leaving as little trace as possible.

(link to be posted soon)



The Tankwa Karoo is a pristine environment, but all the stuff that hits the ground has to be removed, and despite the fact that AfrikaBurn is a Leave No Trace event, some people don’t read – or sometimes forget – the manual. Which is when MOOP happens. (Matter Out Of Place)! Got some karma to work off? Step up and be counted, your MOOP Patrol awaits!

(link to be posted soon)



This is a star-studded volunteer job, for those who want to make a truly significant contribution to our event. The Clan is usually the largest Burn taking place in Tankwa Town and involves a fair bit of separating metal from burnt material. Lots of fun, and not without its own rewards. Yes?

(link to be posted soon)



Keeping our community safe, whilst ensuring artworks are able to be safely burned. If you have a hankering to channel your love for people & fire in this way, we’d welcome you stepping up.

(link to be posted soon)



Love the smell of LRP in the morning? Enjoy dressing up as a traffic cop and giving people tickets? You’re just the kind of person who’d love doing time with our Department of Mutant Vehicles!

(link to be posted soon)



This year we’re opening a dedicated Lost and Found booth at Off Centre Camp. Shifts involve manning the booth, receiving lost items and logging them and then reuniting people with found items.

(link to be posted soon)

To Volunteer for any of these exciting activities, you can also fill out the Volunteer Form

And if you still not sure what you want to volunteer for, no problem – get in touch with volunteer@afrikaburn.com and we’ll help you find your niche.