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Survival Guide

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By the mere fact that a Survival Guide is needed at all, it should be obvious that survival at AfrikaBurn deserves some serious consideration. To be truly prepared, download and read the guide – yes, even you veterans (there’s new info in every edition) – and share it with anyone you know that could use the info.

In 2016, we bring you not one, but two Survival Guides; one in English, and another in Afrikaans:










Click on the copy you’d like to read or download as a PDF.


We aim to have additional versions in more languages every year*, and as with every year’s event, there’s a bunch of important info and updates that you should read – even if you’re a veteran. If you’d like a printed version, pick one up at Off-Centre Camp, or at our event gate, along with the poster and WTF Guide, at the event.

Many thanks to the talented Mea Waffle for volunteering her time to design our 2016 guide, to Fi Smit for designing the map and to Patsy Hamilton and Marisca Coetzee for assisting with Afrikaans translation – and to all who’ve contributed to its content over the years.

Our 2017 Survival Guide will be released here soon after our second General ticket sale, look out for that announcement.

With gratitude to all who’ve worked on Survival Guides past:

Monique Schiess
Ranger Bob
Travis Lyle
Ray Mondo
Sebastian Borckenhagen
Dane Niell
Na’ama Tsalik
Mea Waffle
Patsy Hamilton
Marisca Coetzee
Fi Smit


*if you’d like to help us translate our Survival Guide, or WTF guide, into any South African language, please email communications@afrikaburn.com