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Tankwa Town

Tankwa Town: a blank canvas which, for 11 months of the year, is a beautiful Karoo plain where the surrounding veldt is home to myriad small critters and a wonderful array of indigenous flora. And then, at the end of April, a town erupts: a town that’s your home for a brief period, and is then restored to its previous condition – by you.

Even though all theme camps, artworks and activities are completely self-organised by our wildly energetic and creative community, Tankwa Town requires a large amount of planning and organisation in order to fit it all together.

Thank you to everyone who registered a camp, artwork, performance or mutant vehicle – all of it adds up to the magic of the experience. To get your bearings and locate the many offerings that this year’s event will offer, take a good look and familiarise yourself with the layout. There’s something for everyone out there on that beautiful flat plain, which, for just a short period every year, becomes a wonderful town where the possibilities are endless.


Below is what our city map looked like at the 2016 event.

Click on the map to view the zoomable PDF version (or download it).

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.48.24 PM



Yep – the WTF is our A6 booklet event guide, and is designed to fit in your pocket so you’re able to easily answer the most frequently-asked question in Tankwa Town – “WTF is that?!?” – when you’re exploring. You can pick up a copy of the WTF, Survival Guide and event poster at Off-Centre Camp (or download the PDF here) – and thanks to the enterprising volunteer efforts of a crew of developers, there’s also an app version of the guide:

Apple app is here.
Android app is here.