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Ticket sales for the 2017 event will commence on the dates shown below.

How do you buy tickets?

There are two ways – in General Sales on ticket sales dates (below) or by being allocated a ticket link as part of a project crew, through our Direct Distribution Ticket programme.

Anyone over 13 years of age needs to register a Burner Bio in order to buy tickets.


When are tickets released*?

1st Direct Distribution Allocation             (TBC)

1st Direct Distribution Ticket Sale           Fri 211st Oct from 12h00 – Thurs 3rd Nov 23h59

1st General Ticket Sale                           Fri 4th Nov @ 12h00 noon

2nd Direct Distribution Ticket Sale           Fri 20st Jan from 12h00 – Thurs 2nd Feb 23h59

2nd General Ticket Sale                           Fri 3rd Feb 2017 at 12h00 noon

S.T.E.P Opens                                         Mon 7th November 2016 12 noon

*all times are South African time.


How much do they cost?

  • Direct Distribution Tickets – (TBC)
  • General Sales Tickets – (TBC)
  • Kids Tickets (14 & under) – (TBC)
  • Subsidised Tickets – (TBC)
  • Community Tickets – (TBC)


General Sales Tickets

Released in two batches on the dates above, and limited to 2 per person. If you’re buying a ticket for someone else, you’ll need their ID number (or Passport number if not an SA citizen) and in order to use it, they’ll need a Bio too.


Kid’s Tickets

To buy a kids ticket (available to kids 14 years and under), log into your Quicket account and proceed to the AfrikaBurn ticket checkout.

Kids 14 and under don’t need a Burner Bio to have a ticket.


Subsidised Tickets

Designed to make our event accessible to those who’re not able to afford the full ticket price but can afford a reduced-price ticket, subsidised by higher-priced tickets.

These tickets are designed to include students, single parents and others who wouldn’t be able to participate without a little assistance. If you feel you match that description, you can motivate for this kind of ticket up until April 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: These tickets cannot be transferred or sold, as they have to be motivated for and are allocated to one person only.


Community Tickets

These tickets acknowledge the reality in South Africa that many people would never be able to partake in AfrikaBurn if they had to pay for any other kind of ticket. If you have someone working with you on a project, or know someone who would like to be part of our event but cannot afford the other options, this would be a way for them to participate. This ticket option is not available to students.


Direct Distribution Tickets

Allocated to past and present participants/crews who are or were involved in bringing creative projects to AfrikaBurn, and volunteers who’ve worked more than 12 hours of shifts at any previous event. They’re also awarded to deeply involved volunteers based on criteria stipulated by our volunteer team.

These tickets are transferable – please see the info on ticket changes below (or the documentation required after the ticket change deadline).


Selling a Ticket outside of STEP?

You’re also able to sell tickets direct. If you sell a ticket to someone, it must be changed into their name, by following these steps:

To change the ticket details:

– Log into your Quicket account, and click ‘My Tickets’ (under your username)
– Select the ticket, and use the ‘Edit Details’ option to change the info
– Save, and then download the ticket as a PDF
– Email the ticket to the recipient

To recieve a ticket direct:

– create a Burner Bio and Quicket account using the same email, in order for to the ticket to be verified on arrival.

If you’re unable to find someone to buy your ticket/s, place them back into circulation on STEP no later than April 22nd. (NOTE: ticket changes extended until April 22nd)


– to receive a ticket, you need a Burner Bio. Create one here.
– the name on the ticket must match the name in your ID book / passport (see the steps above for how to change details on a ticket)
– your Quicket account and Bio must be registered to the same email address


Buying a ticket from someone you don’t know?

If you don’t know & trust the person selling the ticket, we suggest using STEP.


Verifying tickets at the event gate

You need two things on arrival: a ticket with your name on it, and photo ID (SA ID book / driver’s licence, or passport if not an SA citizen).

So please make 100% sure that you actually have your ticket (printed, or on a phone / tablet / device that has battery life) and your correct details are on the ticket before hitting the road. If not, your ticket won’t be verified and you’ll be screwed – and nobody wants to turn people away when they have Tankwa stars in their eyes.


Buying or Selling a Ticket after the ticket change deadline?

To be able to use a ticket after ticket changes close on Quicket, the recipient will need:

– their own photo ID / driver’s license (or passport if not SA citizen)
– a copy of the ID or passport of the ticket seller
– a copy of the letter below filled out and signed by the ticket seller (click to open & download a doc version):

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.56.27 PM

Reselling Tickets? Use STEP.

Our Secure Ticket Exchange Programme is a way to buy & sell tickets safely through our ticket agent’s site. Buyers lodge a ticket request, and sellers place theirs up for purchase. The ticket then gets put in the queue, and gets sold to the next person in line in the buyer’s queue. The buyer receives a notification via email and has 24 hours to use the ticket link. If the ticket isn’t bought in time, it’s put back into the system and offered to someone else.

Refunds from Quicket are then made to the seller approximately 5 days later, with a 5% fee paid by the buyer in addition to the ticket price. To use STEP, you need to create a Burner Bio, and an account on Quicket.co.za, with the same email address (and make sure you enter the right ID / passport number when you do this).

Ticket buyers in the queue, sit tight & watch your inbox for an e-mail from Quicket.

(i.e: you will still be able to place tickets into the system, or lodge a ticket request, right up to event dates, and quite possibly during the event).

Buy or sell tickets on STEP HERE.

How does STEP work?

Buyers & sellers are placed in queue, and matched when they reach the front of their queues. Those who enter earlier get matched sooner, and those who come later take a little while. Why? This happens when tickets are matched with a buyer – but they don’t use the link in time, so the ticket gets re-allocated to another person. This happens when people get tickets from a friend and thus ignore the STEP link they’re sent. If you’re waiting for a STEP link, but get a ticket from a friend, log into Quicket and go to the Inbound queue to remove yourself to give others a fair shot at it.

When 2 tickets are put into the system, they’re often ‘split’, by being allocated to different buyers, which means they aren’t sold at the same time (and again, the recipient could ignore the mail). So, if you’re waiting for your tickets to be sold quickly, just be aware this may be why your tickets don’t sell right away.

Note: reimbursements happen for individual tickets sold, not two at a time, and payments to sellers on STEP happen once a week, on Fridays.

Further reading:

Ticket FAQ’s
Burner Biop FAQ’s
Direct Distribution Ticket FAQ’s 
What’s In A Ticket Price?

And lastly…

Thank you, whoever you are and wherever you may be, for making AfrikaBurn happen!


1) The entire event is created by a spirit of participation and volunteerism. If you’d like to pitch in, please consider volunteering by checking out our Participation page, which has loads of links and info on how you can contribute.

2) AfrikaBurn is nothing like any other event – and you want to be prepared. Please browse the links on the Preparation page – and be sure to read the Survival Guide. Twice.



Need help with tickets?

If you have any Quicket-related problems such as duplicate payments, problems logging into their site etc, email support@quicket.co.za or call 021 424 9308 (during office hours).

If you need ticketing help, email tickets@afrikaburn.com

If you’re struggling to log into our site, or are having issues with your Burner Bio, email support@afrikaburn.com