Moop Map 2018

Its finally here – the news you’ve all been waiting for! So, who was naughty, who was nice and who was, well, just a total fokken mess? What did our LNT crew do in the desert this year? LNT – …More »

MOOP Map 2017

                                                                            words: Sonica Kirsten, Cara Morris, Papa Deadly   It’s here! Yep – once again our crack team* of Moop hunters, Leave No Trace lovers and map-makers have compiled this year’s comprehensive guide to what traces were left where, after …More »

MOOP Map 2016

(words: Cara Morris)   It’s that time folks! It’s time to settle in for the dirtiest news of the year – it’s time for the AfrikaBurn X MOOP Map. This year was bigger! It had more people! More love! More …More »

MOOP Map 2015

This year’s MOOP Map is wonderfully green, well done! BUT – it still looks like there are some areas that can be improved on. Here’s this year’s map, with commentary from Sonica, our fearless Leave No Trace lead. More »

MOOP Map 2014

It was notably cleaner than last year – a big shout out to all you Burners out there for leaving far less of a trace than previous years! That said…there’s still many areas that could improve. More »

Moop Map 2013

Ladies and gents, boys and girls – gather round and lay your eyes upon AfrikaBurn’s very first Moop Map! More »

Artwork MOOP Policy

Greetings Artists of the Tankwa!   Thanks for stepping up to create magical and fantastical pieces to blow our minds and make Tankwa Town a wonderland. Making a fabulous piece carries a lot of responsibility (as you well know), and …More »

Camp MOOP How To

Leave No Trace really means just that: once you’ve packed up your camp, the only thing visible should be scuff marks and footprints in the dust. No matchsticks, no cigarette butts, no string – hell, not so much as a false eyelash. Heed Princess Caralot’s MOOP tips, and sort your (camp) kak out. More »

MOOP Management

MOOP is everyone’s responsibility – and here’s a handy guide to make managing your MOOP that much easier both in Tankwa Town and once you leave. More »

Creative Grants

DEADLINE FOR CREATIVE GRANT APPLICATIONS:  Sunday, 28th October 2018, midnight.  Creative Grants provide financial assistance towards enabling creative projects in Tankwa Town. They’re intended to support projects by alleviating some of the financial burden, but all applicants should expect to …More »

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