Event Operations Assistant

We are looking for a full-time event Operations Assistant. The primary focus of this role is to provide support to the Operations Manager during the annual cycle which includes the main AfrikaBurn event, special events, including Streetopia and Decompression and other events, including but not limited to the Bosberaad (Members and Operations Team strategic annual get together), AGM and Gees Weekend. As well as, additional support to other portfolio’s, when needed.

Click here for a full job description.

The closing date and time for applicants will be 12pm on Friday 25 May 2018. The final shortlisted candidates will be informed by 5pm Sunday 27 May, for interviews to take place on Tuesday 29 May and Wednesday 30 May.

If you think this is up your alley, get in touch at and send us your CV, contactable references and a letter of motivation to fulfil this role.


We don’t have any other positions available at this point –  but in the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about volunteering (which is a fantastic way to get a first-hand understanding of how our various portfolios work) and the kind of skills that we’re always on the hunt for – head over to the Volunteer page and fill out the form.

And, if there’s a chance that you know nothing about our event or culture (how’d that happen?) but would like to know more, a good place to start would be here.

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