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How To Manage Your Camp Waste

Posted by on 15th April 2014

With every participant at AfrikaBurn expected to be radically self reliant, it’s an excellent idea to plan ahead in terms of waste management. Here’s a handy how-to guide and some great tips. More »

Tankwa Town 2014

Posted by on 14th April 2014

Dear lovely, furry, colourful, dusty, crazy, dancing, creative, gifting and gorgeous citizens of Tankwa Town – behold: this is your new town plan! More »

Fire safety in your camp

Posted by on 7th April 2014

As we prepare for another amazing AfrikaBurn, our resident fire safety experts have some pearls of wisdom for all participants whose home camps will feature campfires and fuel. Read up and read on – you never know when the info might be handy. More »

The Countdown Is On…

Posted by on 14th March 2014

As our DPW assemble their crew and equipment ahead of their desert departure, it’s all about cutting rebar, cleaning tents and a fair share of heavy lifting. Check out Helena’s latest update – and their wish list…More »

Poster: The Trickster

Posted by on 4th March 2014

Our poster for 2014 is here – ladies and gentlenuts, put your hands together for the artist Alexis Aronson, who’s brought our theme this year – The Trickster – beautifully to life!More »

The Offering

Posted by on 26th February 2014
Photo by Simon Max Bannister

Ahead of his third build, Simon Max Bannister shares his thoughts on his experiences and learnings of planning, building and holding the Temple space. More »

The Desert People at 6 o’clock

Posted by on 17th February 2014
photo by Damien Schumann

They look more weathered than the rest, and there’s a good chance your first shared dialogue with them might be quite offensive. Don’t take it personally – that’s just how DPW shows affection. More »

How DPW Changed My Life

Posted by on 11th February 2014

It’s hard to describe the satisfaction and growth one experiences during 42 days of physical labour in a harsh environment, but H gives it a crack in her first blogpost here…More »

Does your gift make the playa less lonely?

Posted by on 3rd February 2014

The notion that everybody’s contribution counts, that it doesn’t matter what you can do so long as you share your gifts, is a good one when it encourages people to step up to the plate and discover a capacity to give that they didn’t know they had. By Caveat Magister, from Burning Man’s ’10 Principles Blog Series’. More »

Working The Burn

Posted by on 6th January 2014
Photo by Sonica Spirit

Sonica Spirit, MOOP lead for AfrikaBurn and generally capable wonderwoman, shares her experience of working with DPW and Resto crews at Burning Man.More »


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