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To Burning Man and Back

Posted by on 18th December 2013

Read about Conrad Lattimer’s journey to and from Burning Man, as part of the DMV & Vlam crews who participated in bringing AfrikaBurn art to Black Rock City. More »

The Great Vlam Trek Pt III

Posted by on 11th December 2013

There is something very special about the feelings of collective endeavor. During the course of this monumental journey we had all got to know each other very deeply. More »

The Great Vlam Trek Part II

Posted by on 4th December 2013

The immersion into Burning Man it is like pealing onion layers away – the more you do, the more you expose and the more you confront, the more you accept. The only way you can get through it without losing it is to surrender. More »

The Great Vlam Trek – Part I

Posted by on 26th November 2013

A crazy 7 months of preparation and wrangling saw a diverse bunch of mad Burners put their faith in a cockamamie plan to visit the mecca of Burner culture and show what we can do here in Africa. More »

AfrikaBurn Art at Burning Man – update!

Posted by on 27th August 2013

They’ve arrived, set up and are now hurtling towards wowing Burning man with AfrikaBurn art – here’s the update! More »

Moop Map 2013

Posted by on 19th August 2013

Ladies and gents, boys and girls – gather round and lay your eyes upon AfrikaBurn’s very first Moop Map! More »

Taking art to Burning Man – AfrikaBurn Fire Collective update

Posted by on 14th August 2013
Photo by Gabby Farias

The AfrikaBurn Fire Collective’s cargo container has arrived on the playa at Burning Man, and as things go into hyperdrive and the crew start their long haul to Nevada, organiser Graeme Allen (one of AfrikaBurn’s directors) provides us with an update and info on the project. More »

The Happening

Posted by on 30th July 2013

When all else failed, one sat in one’s ‘lounge’ under the gazebo, sipped a cool drink and watched the passing parade. It was a pastime that never failed to entertain.More »


Posted by on 17th July 2013
Photo by Caroline King

There they were all gyrating and jamming, marching and parading up Binnekring – all the while with their tits out. It was raucous. But that’s not the point really.More »

The First Time I Came

Posted by on 25th June 2013
Simon O'Callaghan 2013

A smiling face offered me a cocktail at sunset, I plonked my dusty bones on a bean bag with a rag tag assortment of dust dwellers and I thought – hey – this is alright…More »

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