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Another day, another Blessing

Posted by on 6th November 2018

  Another day, another blessing – and another wonderful encounter with our locals on the streets of Cape Town. Through the generous donations of our community, we’ve put together another 25 Blessing Bags to distribute to those in need. This …More »

An App, an API, and Other Stories

Posted by on 29th October 2018

We’re ready to offer access to the API for our Tribe system! Got ideas for an AfrikaBurn app? A way to personalise the map? Or do you want to customise a WTF guide? Our API can make that, and much more, happen. More »

What the **** is the Open Mesh network?

Posted by on 29th October 2018

Music streaming apps. Push to talk implementations. Analytics and data projects. Lighting controllers. All of these, and much more, are possible on our open mesh network in Tankwa Town. Want more info? Got skills? Tuck in, and volunteer to make this happen! More »

AfrikaBurn Blank Canvas Express – Third Leg

Posted by on 17th October 2018

  After its first two successful expeditions to the Northern Cape and Free State, the third leg of our Blank Canvas Express roadshow is now headed to Richmond and De Aar. This leg of the tour will see members of …More »

Our 2018 Post Working Title Survey is ready!

Posted by on 8th October 2018

Want to know how many people came from Kenya? Or maybe what the largest age group of attendees is? How many virgins attended? What happened to the Weekend Warriors? Wonder and wait no more! All the juicy stats and numbers …More »

Friends don’t let friends exploit our culture

Posted by on 6th August 2018

Intro by The Tim Words by Charlie Dolman Our friends over at the big Black Rock in the desert face many of the same challenges we do. One of the challenges they are facing is that of commodification on Social …More »

Streetopia Legacy – Invitation to Contribute

Posted by on 27th July 2018

UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to Tuesday 14th August 2018 As part of its ongoing legacy project, every year’s Streetopia event leaves some permanent works of art in Observatory – and an opportunity is available for you or anyone …More »

Hard Questions #1 – Inclusion

Posted by on 2nd November 2017

Words by Devin Isaacs and Travis Lyle Photos by Devin Isaacs and Mads Nørgaard The idea of inclusion sits front and centre of everything we do. “AfrikaBurn aims to be radically inclusive…” is one of the first lines anyone might read …More »

Report: The Borderland 2017

Posted by on 25th October 2017

Words: Scheepers De Bruin Photos: Header by Amy Scott-Samuel additional images by Kat Catowski and Scheepers De Bruin Introduction This year I had the privilege to represent AfrikaBurn at the Borderland held in the Boesedal Kalkbrud abandoned granite quarry in Denmark from …More »

Unpacking “Working Title ____________________”

Posted by on 29th August 2017

Words By The Tim Doyle (edited) photos from Gita Claassen and Simon Max Bannister part 1 – How Did This Happen? The theme “Working Title” came from a series of discussions over a long period of time. The first time …More »

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