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Hard Questions #1 – Inclusion

Posted by on 2nd November 2017

Words by Devin Isaacs and Travis Lyle Photos by Devin Isaacs and Mads Nørgaard The idea of inclusion sits front and centre of everything we do. “AfrikaBurn aims to be radically inclusive…” is one of the first lines anyone might read …More »

Report: The Borderland 2017

Posted by on 25th October 2017

Words: Scheepers De Bruin Photos: Header by Amy Scott-Samuel additional images by Kat Catowski and Scheepers De Bruin Introduction This year I had the privilege to represent AfrikaBurn at the Borderland held in the Boesedal Kalkbrud abandoned granite quarry in Denmark from …More »

Unpacking “Working Title ____________________”

Posted by on 29th August 2017

Words By The Tim Doyle (edited) photos from Gita Claassen and Simon Max Bannister part 1 – How Did This Happen? The theme “Working Title” came from a series of discussions over a long period of time. The first time …More »

Lost Property: Bikes, Buffs, and Cameras

Posted by on 4th May 2017

This photo of a lost robot by Migel van As in 2016 It’s that time again; we’ve come through the other side, with a myriad of new experiences, and short a few material items. Whether it’s a bike, or a …More »

Department of Public Works Update #2 2017

Posted by on 15th April 2017

Here it is – another soundbite and photo montage from the team presently on site and building our city. Reporting from the windswept desert – where things are going well, and there’s been a lot of extreme weather – here’s …More »

Department of Public Works Update #1 2017

Posted by on 8th April 2017

Our DPW crew has been hard at work on site, building that city we’re all clamoring to get back to. They’ve already started grafting on the streetlamps and toilets, but why not hear it directly from the crew lead H: …More »

Our Bosberaad 2016

Posted by on 24th August 2016

Words by The Tim – Propaganda and Pictures from H – Prose by Anon A lot of you may not know exactly what the AfrikaBurn Bosberaad is. Neither did I. It’s hard to explain what it is, perhaps easier to …More »

2017 Event Theme Callout

Posted by on 13th May 2016

Tribe, Power, Time, Dream, Stof, Mirage, Archetypes, The Trickster, The Gift, X, …. AfrikaBurn 2017 Theme Callout What’s the point of the theme? The theme is a point of engagement or inspiration: it’s a conversation starting point, a proposition for …More »

Tankwa Town Incident Report

Posted by on 2nd May 2016

Report from Tankwa Town: It is with a heavy heart that we report that on Saturday 30th April, 52 year old Dana Lawless passed away after being airlifted off site from the AfrikaBurn event. Dana was travelling on her Theme …More »

‘Sculpting with fire’ article by Dr. John Steele

Posted by on 19th January 2016

In 2015, Dr John Steele participated in AfrikaBurn with a view to writing an academic paper on land art. Here’s his finished paper, as published in the South African Journal of Art History. More »


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