AfrikaBurn to Burning Man by Bicycle – almost there!

Posted by on 1st August 2013

Hi guys,

Greetings from California!

After 47 weeks, 15 countries and 19 350 carbon free km the journal, Little Ms Sunshine (bicycle), “The Humble Hilton” (tent) and myself are now officially on the home stretch. With less than 1000 km left to go, wild horses couldn’t stop the journal and its magical contents from making it to the playa.




A double edged project that was not only carrying the prized cargo but also drawing a comparison between the motor vehicle and the bicycle as a means of transport. This was done by calculating how large the carbon footprint would have been had this journey been done by an average sized American 2008 model sedan. The amount of pollution saved as a result of travelling on human steam and pedal power by the time of arrival will be a rather alarming 3 tons of CO2 saved.




A bicycle every month for the duration of the expedition was donated to an underprivileged person in Cape Town, South Africa to promote carbon free travel and bicycle culture in South Africa’s developing communities. As a result of the carbon calculator info and bike empowerment initiative the project has been invited to enter the 2013 South African Eco-logic environmental awards under the Eco-warrior category.

The journal is currently winding through Americas amazing national parks and back roads and has been through the Grand Canyon, Route 66, Death Valley in July at 120 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius) and is currently on her way through Yosemite en route to Black Rock City.



Can’t tell you guys enough how special this journey has been and how privileged I feel to have been able to carry so many special peoples hopes and dreams through the bumps, curves and plains of the Americas.

Looking forward to a good wiggle in the dust with all of you, please come and say hi on the playa I will be sporting a handmade South African flag flying high above my bicycle on arrival.

Much love

The Journal, Little Ms Sunshine (bicycle),The Humble Hilton (tent) and the Pilot (Kayden)



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