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Posted by on 14th April 2016

Fearless MOOP Hunter Princess Caralot is back with more info on how you can get your MOOP situation under control:


Leave No Trace – you may have heard the term bandied about here and there, you know, as part of the 11 principles and all, but what does it meeeeeeean? Guys, it literally means what it says. Leave No Trace. Leave NO trace that you were ever in Tankwa.

This extends to every last piece of trash, every teensy sparkly bit of fabric, and, even marks on the ground (oil leaks from cars, fire dumps, and so much more).

The only way this can work is if each camp and each camper in the camp works together and is responsible for their trash… right down to that pistachio shell on the ground or that bit of clothing lint….or lordy lordy a feather. (LEAVE THE BOAS AT HOME!!)

So, how do you go about this magical Leave No Trace mission? Here are some ways you can do it in your camp:

Tips and Tricks for Leaving No Trace

•    Don’t drop things on the ground. Simple as that. Control your shit.
•    When you leave your personal campsite to head out on your daily or nightly missions, make sure it’s a clear space – chuck out all garbage, secure all things that may blow away
•    When your camp leaves at the end, do a MOOP swoop! Do it twice! Don’t know what a MOOP swoop is? Click here to find out.
•    Take care of your grey water – water you’ve washed with, cleaned with, showered with, etc – none of this should be dumped onto the floor, into the riverbed, or anywhere else!
•    Have a container for burnables such as paper/cardboard, etc. You can burn these in your camp fire every night!
•    Have a sealable bucket with some sawdust in it for organic waste – if you chuck it in the bucket then the smell will be minimised
•    Have a container for recyclables such as glass and plastic, take these back with you and RECYCLE them!
•    Have a separate container for recyclable aluminum cans – you can take these to Helter Smelter and turn them into JEWELLERY!
•    Have a container for non burnables such as plastic items, wrappers, plates, utensils etc.



Colour-code your bins and put signs on them so you spend less time digging through them later to separate stuff that went into the wrong bin/bag.  Collapsible laundry baskets work REALLY well for this!

Remember: at AfrikaBurn, there is no ‘somebody else’ who does the cleaning up. There’s just you.

P.S. Did you know that while the volunteer clean-up crew is sweeping the site they’re recording everywhere they find MOOP? For instance, here’s the MOOP map for last year. Green is good, yellow is average, and red is bad. No camp wants to get called out for being yellow, much less red.


If you want to help these cats out, join our LNT team after the event – you’ll get to move in with DPW and get fed & loved for as long as you can hang around. Keen?

Log into our site and hit this form to sign up:

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