Meet our new DPW core crew!

Posted by on 5th October 2018

It takes a special kind of person to hold the reins of DPW and help guide the crew that raise and raze Tankwa Town’s key infrastructure. Over the years the mantel has passed from Paul Jorgensen, to Paul Grose, to Adriaan Wessels, and back to Paul Grose, and on to Helena Sheridan. And none of them could have done it without the support of skilled and committed DPW stalwarts like Roger Mallet, Cameron Richards, Darryn Glen, Mel Van Zyl, Richard Stokes, Josef Klue, Tola Okunlola, Louw Sheridan, Raynard Gouws, Cindy Roberts, Sonica Kirsten, and Spikkels Du Preez.

With Helena stepping down after three years of wrangling this dusty tribe and their duties,
the time has come to pass the mantel again. But this time the load is spread across three
different sets of sun-browned shoulders, each with distinct areas of responsibility.
And here they are, at your service… meet the new core crew of DPW!

Krusty – DPW Planning & Procurement Co-ordinator

Kristy Derbyshire (aka Krusty) first joined DPW as a volunteer in 2015, working in Kitchen, and in 2017 took on Budgeting and Procurement for DPW.
Now two years in, she’s ready to add another layer to her work and will drive DPW
Production Planning – making sure we have the plan and the means to get Tankwa Town up and running, and then (un)done and dusted.

As the main point of contact between DPW and the other portfolios on the ops team, she’s
the primary dot connector. Need something done? Talk to Kristy.

Antonium – Manufacturing & Production Co-ordinator

Antonia Cronje (AKA Antonium) started her DPW career in 2013, and in 2018 stepped up to the plate as a lead of Carpentry (the work crew that won the year!). Her role has been expanded to oversee all manufacturing and production both on site in the Tankwa and in town where possible. She’s the main maker-translator between Ops and DPW, and the key connector between all DPW production crews.

Need something made? Talk to Tona.

Princess Caralot – Crew & Communications Co-ordinator 

Cara Morris (AKA Princess Caralot) joined DPW in 2015, first as a post event-volunteer then as a co-lead of Leave No Trace (alongside Jon Wreal). In 2018 she gamely took on the role of WASH lead, which included tackling the new toilet system rollout – and with an epic all-female crew she made it work beautifully. This year, in addition to sanitation, she’ll be wrangling the people of DPW.

She’s the primary point of contact for all DPW crew leads and volunteers, knows the way
around AfrikaBurn’s HR processes, and manages all DPW comms platforms.

Got a question or concern about how things work? Cara’s your go to.

Lucky Luke – Production Junkie / Guru


Luke Armstrong (AKA Lucky Luke) is an Event Production Manager in the default world,
and is bringing his wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. He’s been a deep
participant at AfrikaBurn since 2012, starting off with theme camps (Love All Tennis Club,
Scrabbled! and Stock Exchange), and in 2016 and 2017 joined the team as a site manager for the event (making sure that things ran smoothly under his watch).

In 2018 Luke also worked onsite with DPW in the event build-up, and helped exponentially with keeping things on track and problem solving. He’ll continue in an expanded version of this role for the 2019 cycle, bringing his considerable experience and expertise to the mix in the planning period (as well as being on site for the Build and Breakdown!)

The ball is rolling, the clock is ticking. Stay tuned for more updates (including the
announcement of the 2019 Hammer Council), and if you’d like to join the coolest crew in the Karoo, keep your eyes peeled for applications in early November.

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