MOOP Map 2015

Posted by on 20th July 2015

Here it is, this year’s MOOP map. On the whole, this year was better than last – look at all that green – you guys are awesome!

moop-map-small(want a large, zoomable version? Click it, or download)

So, what were our major issues this year? Let’s start with the sticky end of the spectrum… yes, we’re talking about Boskak. You heard that right – from the evidence we find that quite a few of you refuse to use our ablution facilities, preferring to kak in the open. This not only creates a bio and health hazard but is extremely unpleasant for those unlucky enough to step in it, or clean it up. Please cover any kak you find out there. But really, we built those toilets for you, and you’re never more than a hundred metres from a toilet anywhere on site, so please use them.

Next up: raking the desert. We know the ground is hard and covered with rocks, but sweeping the desert floor creates permanent scars. Seriously, even the smallest section swept will leave a mark for years to come, so please – be sensitive to the impact of sweeping both in the suburbs and on the Binnekring, and leave the desert floor as you found it.

Moving on, to the dumping of coals from your camp fire. Dumping coals from a fire means volunteer MOOPers have to clean them up after you’ve left. Spreading the coals out or taking them back are the best options here. Open fires (fires made on the ground instead of in a container that’s off the ground, like a brazier) are a fire hazard – and they create burn scars, which cause permanent damage to the desert floor. Not good – please, whatever device you use, do not create open fires. Speaking of fires – burning your trash to leave no trace (or because you can’t be assed to carry it home and recycle) is not only toxic, it really makes us mal – and it’s just plain lazy. Do the right thing – don’t burn toxic trash. Take it home, and dispose of it responsibly. Even better – before you leave home, strip out all that plastic and packaging first, which will mean you carry less in the first place.

Artists & theme campers – leaving rebar in the ground? It’s extremely dangerous, to anyone walking, cycling and any vehicles. If you really can’t get it out, head over to DPW and ask for assistance. We have the best tools for the job (tree poppers), and we eat rebar for breakfast, lunch and supper!

And lastly, those ghastly dancefloors. Our Leave No Trace team literally spend hours raking dancefloors to get those embedded stompies, earrings and bottle caps out. Have your butt bin or portable ashtrays and MOOP bags with you at all times.

But really, thank you, look at all that green…

(From Sonica, your Leave No Trace lead)


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