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Of Tigers and Islands

Posted by on 15th March 2013
Of Tigers and Islands

It is all because I met Tiger in some far away strange and slightly bizarre desert surrounded by obtuse, flexible and incongruent beasts altogether swaying, clawing and prostrating under the midnight sun. Tiger claimed my attention. Her feline movements spoke of a shared knowing, her soft smile broke away into the night and was carried along by musical flares echoing through dark swirls of dusty mayhem as the sand was lifted from beneath the hooves, paws, claws and trumpets of the beastly figures surrounding us.

Through persistence not uncommon to my kind, (for Islands are born to endure the ocean’s rough tides and currents of harsh love) I found myself in Tiger’s arms, her compelling embrace engulfed my shores and peaks, my senses were both numbed and enlightened. And together we were swept away as the desert waves began to beat and rise with the beasts, the birds, the drums, the wild call of the night, dark and effervescent.

Tiger stole into my island cove during the darkest hour. Surrounded by strange swirling lights, her presence instantly lit my dark mood and woke me into a being of waveless quiescence. I was delivered, said Tiger as in some code, to keep you warm. I invited her to cradle on a bed of swirling feathers and she purred gently as she nuzzled close and we talked of the time that has come before and of the passions of our natures until we slept in a timeless affection for Island and Tiger were entwined as one in a peaceful slumber.

Photo Credit: Jonx Pillemer

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