The Hammer Falls Pt II

Posted by on 28th February 2020

Words and photos: Helena Sheridan

Inside, the joke.

DPW is very much an inside joke. Not that any job the crew does is a joke, but that like, you had to be there…

One does not simply explain the experience of living in the desert for extended, isolated periods of time. Eighty-ish misfits from all over the planet camping under each other’s noses and feet – crammed into a few stretch tents, protecting you from elements of the surrounding wide open space. You had to be there…

At the sunrise morning meetings and on the Cuddle Bubble for that one beer at sunset. For Russian Casino night and ‘come, we go’. For Paini-Slove, ‘have a sabanna man’ and MOOPline madness. For Sunday Bloody Mary Sundays and dag-drink-Drate (Tips from old timers, Marli says keep the equilibrium: Drate = vodka + Rehidrate…), toilet runs and waking up to Floyd…

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, the DPW Burn is usually the final punchline to this inside joke – but this year we’re letting you in on it. While the artwork will be simple, subtle but strong – a quiet nod to those who build the blank canvas every year; the act of burning is a whole vibe and everyone is invited. This historic event will be a mash up of The Birthday Party, Handover and The DPW Burn – the trifecta of DPW gees.
For one night only we’ll open our local The ReBar with resident DJ No Requests, to the Binnekring.



The ReBar comes from humble beginnings rooted in the principle of communion – with Jeremy collecting booze donations by hitting rebar on a wheelbarrow while rolling through the accommodation. And DJ No Requests has been known to play with their backs to the dancefloor. No tool parties as hard with the crew as BlueBelle; a multi-skilled workhorse that never misses a jol – classic DPW. Look out for:

– Lit bubbly shooters (breaking a collarbone for it is NOT advised)
– Special Specials
– Water shots (one of our better ideas)
– Bloody Marys for the clean up crew and a few Riverine rabbits in a box…

We’re stretching our memories and working on a DJ line up to commemorate some of our best throw-downs, but more on that in my next post.



Remember you can help make this happen – buy tokens of support for just R150 (the daily DPW stipend) via Quicket RIGHT HERE CLICK THIS please and thanks and dankie.

And hey – don’t forget that our DPW posse are hosting their very own fundraiser on March 7th at Gandalf’s in Cape Town – come on down and support!

Hope you’re having as much fun planning and plotting as I am, min dae (few days) till we hit the dust…


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