Posted by on 13th February 2019
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                                                                                                Words and photos by Solar Santa


The Tankwa Tokoloshe is at it again. He is inside my brain filling it with bright ideas. Not many people know about him because he’s very sly and cunning. As are most devils but this is one of the more pleasant variety. Like good quality weed he infiltrates your brain to make the world seem a better place. Consigning bad bits into the shadows.
Let me explain how he works. He’s tiny and nocturnal so you will never actually see him. Even if you put your bed up on bricks. He has the unique ability to infiltrate your mind to indoctrinate you to his wishes.

It all starts as Spring approaches. TTT will begin after his Winter sleep working on the minds of the Theme Camp Committee team members. Suddenly they will have a whole new web based system making it easier to complete the documentation. They thought that it was all their bright idea. Told you TTT is cunning.

Then the Burners start feeling the urge to do otherworldly things. Like visiting Middle Earth. TTT busy once again. Heads are filling with wondrous ideas. Outrageous costumes never worn on a public street. Artworks fit to burn. Weird vehicles unlikely to pass muster from a city cop even with a large bribe. Lights and music and entertainment in an impossible venue. And lusty thoughts of beautiful naked ladies (and men if that is your choice). The seeds have been sown.

Back into my brain.  Last year we designed the Power of the Sun to provide a kilowatt of electrical power from solar panels. Small but we thought sufficient for lots of cellphone charging. Little did we know that our pure sinewave 220 volt AC power is also ideal for laptops, cameras, vape machines, electric bikes, segways, music systems, lights and rechargeable dildos. On our busiest days we had to shut shop for a few hours to give the battery time to catch up. But no one was in a hurry so we got by. And the sun shone beautifully.

So we’ve upgraded the 2018 prototype to double the capacity. 2019, the year of the bigger system. More panels, another deep cycle battery and the associated electronics. Plus a whole new design to accommodate it all. No flimsy structure to risk being blown away and lots more LED and EL lights.

Damn you Tokoloshe. You’ve done it again.

Solar Santa
January 2019

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