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The Dust

Posted by on 13th May 2016

The Dust: it was everything I ever wanted; everything I never needed and a moment in time that shaped me into a more colourful human than I was before.More »

Don’t Drive Like A Dick

Posted by on 16th March 2016

“My name is Greg, and I have one less life in the bank. After one of our best Burns ever, our journey ended when two speeding 4×4’s overtook me on the R355 and and a truck drifted in the dust. Remember we are all in this together. Don’t drive like a dick.”
More »

This Is Not That

Posted by on 10th February 2016
Landscape 2014 by Jonx Pillemer

Put on your big girl panties, strap on your safety belt and get ready for a wild ride, because it’s going to be challenging, physically and mentally. You may learn something new as you ride into new territories you never knew existed – or you may get bucked off and have a hard landing – but that’s what you’ve signed up for. More »

A Greater Purpose

Posted by on 29th July 2015

The Spirit Train – “An inspired process of synchronicity and creativity that brought strangers together and will hopefully live on inside of us for many years to come. What has since unfolded has organically embodied its name-sake, and the spirit in which it began – that of selflessness.”More »

Follow The Light

Posted by on 9th June 2015

Let me clear something up once and for all, this is not a festival, it’s a temporary community and ideal we’d like one day to share with the rest of the world, which if everyone else in society followed would make for a much happier peaceful world….just saying…More »

Memoirs of A Burner

Posted by on 14th May 2015

I don’t think I could possibly mention all of what I saw and keep this review under a reasonable word count, but suffice it to say it was all wonderfully spellbinding. There was nothing I experienced at any of the installations, artworks, theme camps or mutant vehicles that made me wish I hadn’t seen or done it.More »

Donkey Cart Weekend – Many Bridges Built

Posted by on 12th November 2014

Initiated by Padstal owner Hein Lange and Robert Weinek (and other members of our Outreach team), the Donkey Cart Weekend has turned into an annual event that’s now a community-building experience that’s building bridges into the future. More »

But a Few Million Years of Tankwa Geology

Posted by on 23rd October 2014

As with many places on earth, the Tankwa Karoo has seen significant changes throughout various geological settings over billions of years of Earth history. Check out Sven Coles’ brilliant summary of Tankwa Karoo geology.More »

Padstal: Like A Phoenix

Posted by on 26th September 2014

The Padstal might have been burned down, but it only succeeded in making the owners even more determined to rebuild the biggest little padstal in the Tankwa. Read on for info on how you can help them make that happen. More »

They Laughed As Africa Burned

Posted by on 2nd June 2014
Photo by Brad Osner

AfrikaBurn accepts everybody, but to have the right stuff, and the balls, and the fortitude to decide to take the plunge and buy tickets and plan and find a way is in itself the filter. More »


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