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The Dignity Project

The Dignity Project was initiated as a collaboration between AfrikaBurn and the OBSID (Observatory Improvement District) to provide crisis sanitation facilities for the street-based community of Observatory.

The units built and deployed by the Dignity Project consist of a 1,000-litre capacity standalone toilet unit and hand-washing stations. These are based on the facilities used at our main annual event in the Tankwa Karoo, and are the same that were prototyped at the Streetopia 2018 event.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 becoming an emergency that has required an increase in the practicing of personal hygiene routines such as the regular and thorough washing of hands with soap, the Dignity Project’s focus has expanded beyond the initial need for rapidly deployable public toilets, but also units that incorporate a water tank, tap and basin.



The Wash Station prototype was developed in collaboration with Maker Station in Woodstock, Cape Town, with fabrication undertaken by members of AfrikaBurn’s Department of Public Works crew.

All team members involved in the fabrication and installation of the Dignity Project units have the necessary permits to be mobile in order to provide this service during lockdown period, when movement is limited to Essential Service Workers.


Our vision is to provide practical solutions for positive change in underprivileged and marginalised communities while providing youth with employment opportunities and a sense of purpose.

Stay tuned for more info on this fantastic aspect of the social development work that your main annual event ticket is funding. And, if you’d like to find out how you could assist the Dignity Project, email dignity@afrikaburn.com 

Sparking Community Projects Across eMzantsi!


Our annual call for Spark Grant applications was heard far and wide this time round – and we’re now happy to announce the recipient projects for our 2019 round of micro-grants.

This year, 29 applications for Spark Grants were received – and all were amazing mix of community activism and creative solutions. High on our community’s agenda this year is the principle Each One Teach One – with common themes of repurposing materials, environmental stewardship, empowerment of girls and community health. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t choose them all and so this year’s roll call is:

African Climate Alliance Pilot

Challenging attachment to the value of consumer goods, through making and upcycling, in the face of climate change.

Amantombazana Project

Helping young women find their unique voice through music, through training and social development.

Breaking the Curse

A safer street culture and community beautification in Ocean View through murals.

Come and Play (Green Carnival)

Youth learning to making puppets from waste to educate about illegal dumping and working towards creating a Khayelitsha Green Carnival.

Ikamva Kids Club

Art empowerment workshops for youth of Hanover and Richmond in Northern Cape.

Indigenous Games

Elders teaching children various indigenous games to foster nation building.

Ke Lebone Artist Retreat

Building a dignified space to create from recycled materials, to retain artistic talent in the Northern Cape.

Khululwa Nkatshu Youth Development Project

Creative education about social issues and risk diversion for marginalized teenage girls.

Kumba Theatre Afterschool Programme

Changing attitudes hygiene though creative recycled signs – because, toilets!

No Woman Left Behind

Creating an epidemic of positive femaleness amongst females through skating and diving.

Salt River Nature Park

Cleaning and greening a disused urban plot on the corner of Pope and Fenton Roads to foster healthy and happy lives locally.


Thank you to all who took the time to apply – it’s great to see our community in action – watch this space for project updates and report backs!


Communities catch a Spark

Spark grants exist to effect the guiding principles in the default world, through community projects and generally doing good stuff. Anyone can apply, but the projects must take place in South Africa and the project at the very least must be nominated by an individual that went to AfrikaBurn in the same year.

Communal effort was high on the agenda for Spark Grants in the 2018 cycle as were youth activities.

The project PMB Skates! hosted 3 DIY weekends, mobilising people to get their hands dirty and renovate Alex Park in Pietermaritzburg. Approximately 60 locals who use the park ( skaters and BMXers) were assisted by approximately 15 parents and 15 skaters from other areas. Together, they took the first step in realising a dream that local youth will have a safe and free space to skate.

The eMzantsi Diversity Programme used art therapy and diversity awareness techniques in community workshops in Cape Town’s South Peninsula. One  workshop involved Scarborough and Masiphumelele residents and internationals including a Wixáritari (Mexico) healer. A second workshop involving Ocean View and Masiphumelele residents using restorative healing techniques supported by social workers and lastly a workshop involving homeless in and around Fish Hoek.

Volunteers at the Upperhall Pentecostal Church in Ocean View  increased capacity in their soup kitchen to feed 50 children and 40 adults on a weekly basis.

With funds for upgrades to the actual BMX track secured with a co-funder, the Pump Your Track! Spark Grant was used for upgrades and repairs to the container resource centre and bicycle workshop space in an enclosed and safe environment, adjacent to Ocean View Secondary School. The workshop/ resource centre took 12 weeks to upgrade ahead of the summer holidays and is now used daily by local adults and children.

Our community’s keen sense of Civic Responsibility sprung forth: Support (y)our Guardians, a project that teamed up with social development organisation, Community Cohesion to support 12 of our Event Guardian managers with stress management skills and low arousal response work, to help maintain emotional wellness in their daily working lives.

Smile and Wave Surf Therapy recognised Radical Inclusion with eight beach sessions at Surfer’s Corner, Muizenberg, reaching a total of 160 ‘Environmental Surfers’ children, youth and adults from Lavender Hill – involved in beach clean ups, learn to surf lessons, and environmental education.

Immediacy was the principle that Borderlands Youth Camps aligned with. Two camps each two nights in duration immersed high school learners from Philippi, Da Gama Park, Simonstown, Fish Hoek, Masiphumelele and Ocean View in nature. The Dream Your Destiny Trek was a weekend adventure in Table Mountain and the Bridging Borders Eco- Arts Camp was a journey of creative connection, critical debate and experiential nature. The project involved 31 teenagers.

8 Hotbox Theatre members gifted their time and expertise to the Community Arts Intervention Program as part of a 150 strong team providing a range of creative education programme in Tambo Village outside of Queentstown in Eastern Cape. The weeklong programme included acting (Hotbox’s expertise), music, gumboot and modern dance, and soccer. Within the programme was a specific girls programme around identity issues. The programme culminated in an interdisciplinary showcase and soccer tournament. Spark funds were used to transport the artists (most of whom are ‘burners’) from Khayelitsha and back home.

Using participation to break down perceptions of ‘us and them’ within the cycling community 13 cyclists (12 adults and one youth) from Masiphumelele Adult Cycling Empowerment competed in four events – three in Paarl at Simonsvlei, Perdeberg and Windmeul wine estates, and the One Tonner Stellenbosch race. The net result – 10 received entries for the subsequent Cape Town Cycle Tour proving they are no longer merely spectators.

Saturday drama classes for children in Khayelitsha was the focus of each one teach one – the programme was so popular it increased to three weekday afternoons as well. 20 children from all over Khayelitsha increased their confidence and connections through learning theatre techniques.

11 women, abuse survivors from a Cape Town shelter, received weekly equine intervention for a period of eight weeks to assist with assertiveness, boundary setting and understanding the components of a healthy relationship. Using ground based (no riding) interventions with horses encouraged the women to overcome fears,  communicate and create metaphorical and experiential links to aspects of their lives towards radical self-reliance. One participant commented:  Through working with the horses I’ve learnt that I need to be patient with myself and respect myself first before I can manage other relationships in my life.

Tankwa Donkey Derby October 2018

2018’s equine expedition was held at Langdoring Farm, close to Stonehenge (home of our beloved Tankwa Town). On their way up to the Tankwa, Megan White, Ashley Deelman and Diana Truter of Cart Horse Protection Association took a side trip to Ou Poort – a farm 65kms outside of Sutherland to check on a lame donkey.  The team diagnosed and treated the lame stallion, checked over three other donkeys on the farm, then hit the road via Middelpos and the epic Gannaga Pass to meet the AfrikaBurn Outreach team.

For the community donkey day, the CHPA team based themselves in an old sheep kraal at Langdoring where they attended to 15 horses and donkeys – treating wounds, checking teeth and hooves. Diana and Megan observed the animals and rated their behaviour, body condition, parasites, wounds and lameness. Ashley fixed and replaced harnessing and looked over the carts, demonstrated and taught basic harness making and tool use, whilst the Outreach team prepared lunch for the karretjiemense.

Over at the neighbouring farm, Ompad,  our Department of Public Works set to work on their own outreach project –  building a workshop space with Seun and Hannes Swarts at Hannes’ home. The workshop will serve for bike and donkey cart repairs when complete. 

The final mission of the trip, was to Brakfontein farm, to see a horse with an eye injury, Diana identified a sarcoid that would need surgery. 

In all, 22 horses and donkeys were seen, with an average score of 3.6/5. 

Outreach thanks: CHPA; DPW; Jimmy James, the host of the humans Diaan Nel; and the host for the equines on the community day Danie Deyzel.

Sparking up in 2018

New projects that received Spark Grant funding at the end of July, to practise the eleven principles in our diverse and disparate default are:

Smile and Wave Surf Therapy

Supportive expert coaching for individuals with special needs in Lavender Hill, so they can experience the rich landscape of sensory experiences the ocean has to offer.

Masiphumelele Adult Cycling Empowerment

Addressing the perceptions of us / them, within cycling and community at large

Borderlands Youth Camps

Immersive and intensive experiences in nature and of art, for groups of teens from diverse communities and schools in the Cape south peninsula.

Women’s Empowerment Programme

Healing vulnerable women through equine assisted therapy to build resilience and responsibility.

eMzantsi Diversity Programme

Fostering new relationships, sharing common ground and appreciation of difference though the creation of collaborative artwork

Upperhall Pentecostal Church Soup Kitchen and Garden

Teaching cooking and gardening skills to unemployed adults to provide healthy sustenance for children afterschool.

Community Arts Intervention Program

Gifting performances of Grade 12 drama set works in Lady Frere to uplift education standards in the Eastern Cape.

Saturday Drama Classes

Addressing the lack of art activities for children age 6-12 years old in Khayelitsha, whilst tackling social issues including health and hygiene.

Pump your track!

Maintenance and upkeep of a pump track in Ocean View as a community resource for all.

Support (y)our Guardians

Emotional wellness and stress management tools for our event security team who face ongoing aggression and danger during the course of their working day.

PMB Skates!

Renovating Alex Park in Pietermaritzburg in order that local youth have a safe and free space to skate.

Each project has been awarded R5000 to effect their project.

Community projects get Sparked!

Reports in from our community indicate that our guiding principles have been sparking up all over the place. Most prolific were our Radical Selfies –

Reliance found its way to the Cape peninsula and Limpopo. At Ocean View Cycle Worx a bicycle workshop was upgraded and a resource centre – serving 40-50 youth on a daily basis – was built and painted.

At the Mariba Bokamoso Crèche Food Garden in Segwashi, raised beds were prepared and planted, a nursery for seedlings was built and one staff member completed a 5-day course in permaculture – meaning that 35 children and 5 staff will be able to eat fresh produce directly from the own garden. Martha Kobela is pictured here with her certificate of achievement.

Expression hung out on the south peninsula – popping up at the Muizenberg Festival with Project Ripple’s seemingly spontaneous street performances of dance, drama and music involving 60 children from Vrygrond and Muizenberg and approximately 100 adults, their highlight was the painting of a mural in Vrygrond, based on the festival theme “Celebrating Water”.

Masi Creative Hub used art therapy techniques to help young people, at local creches and clubs in Masiphumelele, create safe spaces to share and explore community issues, solutions and leadership goals. 80 young people from 4-21 were involved in this process.

Keeping it Radical, Border Walks sparked Inclusion in the spaces between communities, when diverse bunches of folks immersed themselves in the “no man’s lands” of the south peninsula, exploring through the eyes of a local guide, with a specific connection to each site. Over 100 people experienced being, playing and learning together.

Participation helped four vulnerable teenage girls, homed in Goodwood, build soft skills through working with horses. A series of eight equine assisted therapy sessions enabled the girls to gain ground with the self-confidence to try new things.

Immediacy sprung up Tsomo, in rural Eastern Cape with a drama festival combining performances and workshops which reached 1150 school age learners. Eastern Cape School Arts Project also help to close the generation gap between parents and children by creating opportunities to do new things together, outside of their homes.

The Bergie Bag Project has been walking the talk in the default, Gifting to those who are fighting for survival on a daily basis. With call outs to our community and two massive shops for supplies, BBP amassed 50 bags worth of “gift-and-run” surprises, and is set to become an ongoing endeavor.

#CleanOurKasi in Mfuleni hosted an environmental pollution awareness session for 60 children and adults to spark a conversation about littering, recycling, planting trees and collective responsibility. With Each One Teach(ing) One to keep their neighbourhood clean and healthy.

Leaving No Trace, the Urban Resilience Initiative in Muizenberg who occupy the under-utilized public spaces and community allotment gardens in and around the village, used their Spark Grant towards a collection scheme of organic and recyclable waste and permaculture workshops with funds spend on tools and equipment.

We patiently await the report back of the Sunday Kos Market’s on Communal Effort, which is outstanding due to the project lead’s relocation.

Spark Grants, launched in 2017, are microgrants of up to R5000 for community based projects. A new round of funding is available in 2018, applications open on 1 June.

Halala! to our Spark Grant recipients:

The inaugural Spark Grant call saw a total of 29 applications for grants of up to R5000. 11 projects (the very same number as our guiding principles) were selected by OutCom. We are pleased to announce the successful receipents:

The Bergie Bag Project

Bags of food, clothes and medical supplies to homeless people in Cape Town.


Aims to call people in a loving, fun and effective way to stop littering in open spaces and most importantly where they live, to create more consciousness around plastic waste, separation of waste, recycling and the consequences of littering not only on planet earth but the environments we live in – starting in eMfuleni.

Eastern Cape School Arts Project 

The project in three phases will include tour in schools, workshops and school drama festival to introduce performing arts in rural areas of the Eastern Cape – Cofivamba and Tsomo.

The Equinox Trust

Equine Assisted Therapy – an innovative approach to professional counseling and skills development which uses horses to help participants address and resolve relational, behavioural, psychological and emotional issues- working with children from Home from Home, Cape Town.

Masi Creative Hub

A safe space that is created for children and youth of our community (Masiphumelele) in order for them to be encouraged through transformation and learning through art therapy. The project has results of good behavior and improvement in school work.

Ocean View Cycling Project

Repairs and sales of bicycles at reasonable cost,  offering fun rides and bicycle mechanical training following the completion of a workshop and resource centre. Empowering our poverty stricken but capable society with a skill and contributing to green initiatives.

Open Mouth Kitchen

Fusing foraging, cooking, storytelling & poetry, with participants from our diverse communities, to create encounters between the segregated communities of the Cape Deep South.

Project Ripple 

A series of informal, outdoor and spontaneous performances that take place in Muizenberg and Vrygrond during the Muizenberg Festival. Project Ripple aims to animate, populate, unite and activate our community’s public spaces with creative expression.

Segwashi School Garden

Aims to teach two students and two teachers about growing their own organic food, through the building of a nursery and hands on training. The final goal is to reduce the amount of food the parents and school has to fund at Segwashi Pre -Primary in Limpopo.

Sunday Kos Market

A youth-driven initiative that incorporates the resource-sharing values of a co-operative. Every first Sunday of the month, starting from August, the market will be held in the Mbekweni (Paarl) area.

Urban Resilience Initiative

A micro-enterprise for two local people to collect and resell recyclable materials, to upcycle reusable unwanted items and to feed current community veggie boxes with compost in Muizenberg, Vrygrond, Capricorn, Lakeside.

Outreach looks forward to following these 11 Sparks in the second half of 2017 and will post progress – so watch this space.


Chomping at the bit

AfrikaBurn Outreach or “that other thing we do in the desert” facilitated a community tour to the neighbouring farms and communities of Tankwa Town.

Partners Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) and Pedals for Peace visited Ompad; Scorpion’s Rock; Groot Kapel; Brakfontein and Elandslvei with the Outreach team, just two weeks after PLAY was done and dusted!

The community day in Ompad saw six donkeys receiving wound care and general health care including injections for pain and infection, by inspector Diana Truter, who also conducted a general check up of four herd horses. Farrier Ashley Deelman fixed hooves and reset ill-fitting shoes, demonstrating trimming and rasping to the equines’ owners. New harnessing, bridles and bits were distributed to three donkey owners, who were identified on the previous visit in November.

Ashley gave basic stitching training along with needles and thread, plus tips on caring for new harnesses to the cart owners. Old harnesses were handed in to CHPA, which is a condition of the donation. The carts were inspected and those in disrepair were mended with available materials. In one instance, Megan White, who heads up Development at CHPA commented: “The entire frame of the cart is loose, which means that the cart is not pulling in a straight line. This is also a contributing factor to the harness wounds.”

Once repaired, the donkeys went for a test drive in all their finery.


Meanwhile…Jimmy James of Pedals for Peace gave a demonstration of general bike repair and gifted 7 Qubeka bikes with helmets, pumps, spanner and tyre repair kits. Dog and cat food was also distributed. The day concluded with boerewors and roosterkoek; a job well done by all.


On day two, en route to Groot Kapel, home of the iconic Pink Caravan, the team stopped at Scorpion’s Rock to inspect the horses that weren’t received at the community day. Diana carried out wound care and treatment for tick infestations, whilst Ashley attended to hooves and inspected their tack. Dog and cat food was also dropped off along with puncture repair kits and spare tube.


At Groot Kapel – the Krotz family were the other beneficiaries of the new harnesses. They had recently purchased a horse, so the harnesses needed to fit the biggest donkey and the new horse – which meant for some nifty adjustments by Ashley, who then took the cart for a spin. 


All four donkeys and the horse were checked over and some were treated for wounds. One donkey was lame – a badly bruised sole from the hard ground and rocks. Diana gave pain injections and advised Mr Krotz to keep the lame donkey off the cart. In addition there were five other donkeys roaming in the area that did not belong to the family. Jimmy James checked over the bikes and handed over some tyre repair kits and tubing whilst the cat and dogs scrapped over the donated food.


The final destination of the day was Brakfontein, where there was a quick stop to look over donkeys and hand over some strapping for harnesses. In total, 31 equines were seen by CHPA over the two days. Seven Qubeka bikes were also dropped at Brakfontein with 15 helmets, pumps and spanners. Outreach sited the DMV mobile solar station to the Brakfontein koshuis, which will power the hostel for resident children when it opens in the next month or so.


On the last day, Diana held a humane education lesson at Elandsvlei NGK School, teaching the children about caring for their pets and the five freedoms of animals. Megan hosted an art session – decorating horseshoes that would astound even the most gregarious of sparkle ponies. 


With the majority of its committee present, Outreach got down to business with school principal Nicolette van der Merwe about the current challenges the community is facing. Of particular concern is the future of the school, which like other rural primary schools, is facing threat of closure by government. Outreach is assisting with solutions and reassessing its financial support, with a focus on keeping those school doors open. 


Special thank you to Outreach’s hosts Diaan Nel; Francois and Nicolette van der Merwe who gifted accommodation for the team of eight for the duration of the tour and to OutCom members Sanet Kirstein and Conrad Lattimer who assisted with the hosting of project partners for the community tour.

– Loz Tanner, Outwitch.

Kicks like a mule

In 2016, the Outreach annual donkey derby took an entirely new path and became a donkey trek of note with Cart Horse Protection Association and Leti Kleyn pulling in for a recce through the farms on and around the R355 in the first week on November.

Finding Jack and Jenny at home proved to be quite a challenge as they were often out on the veld, but after some 1000 kms, CHPA’s Megan White, Diana Truter and Ashley Deelman had inspected 18 equines and recorded a total of 30 donkeys, 29 horses and seven mules.


Equine welfare analysis comprised an assessment of animal’s behaviour, body condition, wounds, lameness and signs of injury and disease and it was found generally that where farmers supported owners, the animals were in better shape. In the Tankwa, donkeys, horses and mules benefit greatly from getting their nutrients from indigenous plants and roaming on the veld in their natural order. However, Megan noted: “The biggest welfare issue remains the harnessing. Almost all the harnesses we saw are beyond repair. Although we did not see many donkeys with wounds, this could be attributed to the fact that the donkeys do not work every day, which gives the wounds time to heal. 
All have scars from harnessing; the owners do not have the money or the means to rectify this.


“There is a need for basic farrier training and basic farrier tools. Accessing shoes and nails is also a problem in terms of affordability and availability, since they can only be purchased in Calvinia and Ceres.”

First aid kits and medicines were distributed and explained to owners and plans are afoot (or hoof) to spark some basic farrier training and harness making, with tools and materials in tow. In addition, dogs received food and Christmas boxes full of human goodies for local kids were distributed.


The donkey trek was a great success – finding some local champions to assist with the project in the future and a fabulous opportunity for the Outreach team to meet and re-engage with some of the Tankwa farmers, who hopefully will be less affronted when next asked, “Is this the way to the pink caravan?”

– Loz Tanner, Outwitch. 


Pedals for Peace Bike donation from Afrikaburn 2015

AfrikaBurn 2013 – it was a cold evening and the red wine along with a camp fire was helping keep the chill at bay – creativity abounded! This was our first burn and within minutes of arriving we were committed burners! We needed to work on how we as a family and a camp could add value to our new family in Tankwa, but more importantly how we help the by adding value and leaving a positive legacy with those that we would leave behind in the Tankwa… thus was born the idea of Pedals for Peace.

Moving around Tankwa Town without wheels becomes challenging! Getting a bike to Tankwa Town even more so!! We took up the challenge of securing bikes, which burners could pre-purchase and we could deliver, to the burn to await collection. The bikes are then used by burners both local and international and in almost all cases gifted back to the camp for the most exciting part of the project! Gifting beyond the playa!! All bikes received back are allocated to projects that have been pre identified and consulted with. These are projects in the region of the Tankwa….

The Objective? To leave a positive lasting legacy with those less fortunate from us who invade and enjoy their wonderful landscapeIn 2014 we trialled the idea and gifted 20 new bikes to Elandsvlei Primary school just 15kms away from Tankwa Town.

2015 has been a tremendous success with 120 brand new bikes being gifted back into to following projects:

Elandsvlei Primary School – 45 bikes
Matjiesrivier Primary School – 30 bikes
Calvinia Cluster Policing – 8 bikes
Sutherland Art Outreach Program – 15 bikes
Tankwa Outreach Projects – 20 bikes
Molteno Aids Outreach – 2 bikes

Our eternal thanks go to all of you that supported the project and bought and gifted your bikes back for distribution. To those who gifted their own new bikes that allowed us to distribute more bikes than we originally planned a big thumbs up. A very very special word to the three young kids who gifted their brand new bikes for the younger kids at the Tankwa schools!!

This project was made possible by the wonderful support of the following contributors to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude – Mekor Mazda, Avalanche Bikes, Diamond Back Bikes, Nomadik Tents, Olympic Cycles.

– David Bellairs, Pedals For Peace


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Further info about the positive impact that bike donations in the Tankwa:

Today produced the most amazing and unexpected surprise in the form of an email from the Tankwa!

Nicolette is the Headmistress of Elandsvlei School, one of the schools that helped us distribute the bikes to learners and farm staff. She and her husband Francois are inspirational folk doing the most amazing work in the area. Here is her mail and while you are reading it understand that YOU are the reason that we are all able to make the change in peoples lives that we do…. THANK YOU PEOPLE OF TANKWA TOWN!


Hi David and Nickey,

Just had to share.We went to church on Sunday morning at Calvinia. Sunday afternoon on
our drive back we passed a group of members of our community – about 20 of them – on bicycles. We stopped and asked where they are heading. They did a little race yesterday to another neighboring farm about 30km’s from us. It was so pleasant to see the bikes are used to also keep them busy in a positive way, other than drinking on weekends. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me.

Me and Francois decided to organize a race for them on the farm in a few weeks from now. We are planning to participate as well. And give prize money or something for the winner. Thanks again for everything.

Nicolette Brynard van Der Merwe (Head of Elandsvlei School)


Doctor visit to Elandsvlei School

Outreach helped take a doctor up to the community of Brakfontein, Elandsvlei and Morgenster, where kids and adults were properly treated for infections and other ailments.


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Mantis Project at the Burn

The Mantis project was a huge success at the 2015 Afrikaburn, bringing the Tankwa community to the Burn to setup and walk the Manits from Subterrafuge across the Binnekring to end up at the DMV. Many Burners were thrilled to enjoy the spectacle of a huge Mantis cozying up to Subterrafuge, kiss the Moon and show itself off to Tankwa Town.

A great team of enthusiastic and skilled creative team jumped in and attended all the workshops and further work parties. Daya Heller taught the crew how to make tissue and cane sculptures. Uprize and Annie Le Roux were on hand in the Tankwa to help construct the Mantis with the Elandsvlei community. Kaospilot crew were on hand at the Burn to help construct and walk the Mantis…great thanks to all involved!

The Mantis is a significant creature amongst the communities of the tankwa and we managed to bring this across to the greater community of South Africa. The mantis project will grow every year. We will adds wings and more lights. We will make her walk at our decompression party in June and we will get her to walk at the next art festival in Cape Town.


19225_10206647569337449_541875397734386050_n 10690066_10206647571457502_9210312987592811992_n 11047931_10153242117343255_3693119372117577057_n 11150680_10206647562737284_5413698806493387400_n 11169942_10206647571057492_4291736058282667845_n 11214028_10206647572857537_8048713084707293186_n 11222477_10206647563657307_3494361403661136676_n 11247080_10153281004588255_5265601924932523796_n 11252602_10206647568457427_3384147407027831929_n 11259740_10206647568577430_7666571938923684686_n 11259741_10206647563897313_2348950948391662573_n 11261736_10206647573297548_3666230059874970536_n 11262399_10206647566257372_3102146210788887932_n 11264033_10153280890503255_588911648772332850_n 11267193_10206647564377325_7149554156830083065_n


Mantis Project Updates…

We’re very proud to announce that this year members of the Tankwa community will be participating in our event as artists, on The Mantis Project, which will consist of a performance piece with a massive praying mantis as the centrepiece.

We took 3 of the KaosPilots project up to Elandsvlei to introduce them and to hold a workshop with Annie le Roux and our Outreach team. Stories about the Mantis were shared and beautiful drawings were made by all.

As part of the project, long time AfrikaBurn artist Daya Heller will give a workshop on cane and tissue sculpture techniques, which will be passed onto the Elandsvlei community in the next few weeks.


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Some Updates…

23 Feb 2015 – Ryno Botes the young man outreach has helped with at Calvinia high school has been selected for the Boland athletics team… He ran 0.02 faster then anybody else in the district. This is a big wow.

21 Feb 2015 – The new nearly open community centre on the R355 next to padstal.
Plans and fencing paid for by outreach. Building paid by German funders. Library shelves wood from upsetters build by Hein Lange.
50 trees to be planted.

12 Feb 2015 – Outreach picking up 20 cases of Afrikaans books from naspers for 3 tankwa libraries. Thank you to everybody who made this possible.


Mantis Project

The Mantis Project is a outreach project on a more community interaction and sharing concept. We will be working with the greater Elandsvlei, Brakfontein and Morgen Ster community.

We have been working on this for about 3 years and finally we have some traction on the ground. We want to build a bus size mantis…the students and builders will the walk the giant mantis around Tankwa town during the AfricaBurn week. It will be build from cane and tissue paper.

Mantis project is on full steam ahead mode….we will be working with the community of Elandsvlei and Cape Town creative crews, including Daya Heller and Annie Brand Le Roux.


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Urban Golf

February 2015 – Join us for a fun-filled day playing urban golf in ‘fancy dress’ over an 18 hole course plotted through the beautiful and diverse streets of Woodstock, Salt River and Obz. Amazing street art and graffiti is displayed throughout the course and each hole is a unique showcase for the area and the spirit of Afrikaburn. A number of holes are drinking holes to ensure players remain in high spirits!

The event is in support of AfrikaBurn Outreach and NOAH (Neighbourhood Old Age Homes). A donation drop box will be available at registration and any unwanted items and non-perishable food items are gratefully received for the NOAH Bric-a Brac shop and old age homes you will pass on the route.


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Some Updates…

12 Feb 2015 – More good news is that Hein Eksteen from stonhenge farm has organized through contact in Naspers media 24 a catalog of Afrikaans books for Elandsvlei school and Padstal Tankwa community centre. This is a big score as afrikaans books are not always available. Outreach picking up 20 cases of Afrikaans books from Naspers for 3 Tankwa libraries. Thank you to everybody who made this possible.

27 Jan 2015 – Boerasic park the AfrikaBurn theme camp wrangled by Jomandie Dempers has contributed a generous donation towards the 6 Elandsvlei learners boarding in Calvinia and attending Calvinia high school. Thanks to Lisa Veit for donating a large retro couche for the boys koshuise in Calvinia.


Tankwa trip for Elandsvlei School and Padstaal Donations

January 2015

Rob, Sanet and Conrad made a trip to Tankwa late Jan 2015, loaded with goodies for our beloved Tankwa community. One of our most productive trips (all in 45 degree heat), we managed the following:

  • Delivered about a ton of wood and beautiful window and door frames, donated for the Padstaal and the new Community Centre being built
  • Dropped off Captain Morgan statue for the Padstaal bar
  • Delivered Outreach bikes and furniture for Elandsvlei school
  • Delivered Deathrace car bonnet for Padstaal bar
  • Donated and sorted Outreach school supplies for six kids who are attending Calvinia High School
  • We drove through to Calvinia to check in our new sponsored learners from Elandsvlei who are now enrolled at Calvinia High School – Outreach has subsidized the whole year worth of school and boarding fees
  • Received thirteen bikes from Pedal for Peace, including helmets and supplies, donated to the Elandsvlei school
  • Brought ranger mutant vehicle Rommel back from Tankwa for some needed TLC


Huge thanks to the following people for their kind help and donations, Pedal for Peace for donated bikes (David Bellair), Jomandie Dempers and the Boerasic Park theme camp for school supplies, Alex Wheeler for Captain Morgan and Deathrace car bonnet, Mandy, Mia and Daisy darling for Jungle Jim, Brendan Smithers and Upsetters for wood donations… and the huge support from the AfrikaBurn community (as always).


Our team with donated bikes

Our team with donated bikes

Jungle Jim donated by Rob Weinek for Elandsvlei School

Jungle Jim donated by Darling family for Elandsvlei School

New swag for Calvinia learners

New swag for Calvinia learners

Bikes and furniture donated to Elandsvlei School

Bikes and furniture donated to Elandsvlei School

Our team with the donated goods, sponsered by Jomandie Dempers and Boerasic Park

Our team with the donated goods, sponsored by Jomandie Dempers and Boerasic Park

David Bellair donating cycling stuff for Elandsvlei School pupils

David Bellair donating cycling stuff for Elandsvlei School pupils

Hein Lange at his new Community Center

Hein Lange at the  new Community Center

Ryno Botes, Winston van Rooi & Percy Cyster checking into their new hostel

Ryno Botes, Winston van Rooi & Percy Cyster checking into their new hostel

1 Ton wood donated by Branden Smithers from the Upsetters to Padstaal Community Center

1 Ton wood donated by Brendan Smithers from the Upsetters to Padstaal Community Center

Donated school stuff

Donated school stuff

Captain Morgan statue donated by Alex Wheeler to Padstaal

Captain Morgan statue donated by Alex Wheeler to Padstaal

Wire fence for Padstaal Community hall donated by Outreach

Wire fence for Padstaal Community hall donated by Outreach

Ladies sorting the donated goods on a HOT day

Ladies sorting the donated goods on a HOT day

Monique Rooi, Drieka & Melinda Botes checking into thier new hostel at Clavinia

Monique Rooi, Drieka & Melinda Botes checking into thier new hostel at Clavinia

Pedal for Peace bikes donated to Elandsvlei School

Pedal for Peace bikes donated to Elandsvlei School

Padstaal Community Center

Padstaal Community Center


Ongoing Projects and Support Programmes


1. Elandsvlei and Matjiesrivier Schools, Tankwa Karoo

Outreach has supported the Elandsvlei Farm School for the last couple of years, assisting the 26 learners and staff with the following initiatives:

  • Subsidy for school feeding scheme for the learners, providing a hot meal each day for them
  • Border subsidy for older learners attending Ceres Schools
  • Donations for the AfrikaBurn community of books, clothing, PC’s and computer equipment, school furniture and playground material
  • Art projects involving volunteer Burners and the pupils, which we showcase at the AfrikaBurn event and at the annual Decompression
  • Flights at the AfrikaBurn festival, where we arrange to give all the pupils a short flight around the event and a morning of activities at the event
  • Assisting with the build of a new hostel for the pupils at Elandsvlei Farm
  • Organising mobile clinics and dentists for the school on a regular basis, with AfrikaBurn volunteers


2. Tankwa Padstal

  • Donations from AfrikaBurn, including clothing, books, blankets and other materials
  • Donations of food for distribution by the Padstal from  the AfrikaBurn event and DPW
  • Assisting in the rebuild of the Padstal after the recent fire, and helping the Padstal team rebuild there lives. They are burners and an important part of our community
  • Assisting with the build of the new Community Center for the Tankwa Community
  • Donations of solar lighting, distributed by the Padstal on our behalf
  • Participating and assisting in the Donkey Weekend for the Tankwa Community


3. Carthorse Association and Padstaal Donkey Weekend

  • Arranging the Donkey Weekend at the Padstal in conjunction with the Carthorse Association: donations and efforts helped 35 donkeys get new harnesses and bridles, and also support for the people who own them
  • Helped to arrange a donkey sanctuary for retired donkeys in the Tankwa area
  • Donations and transportation of lucerne for the Carthorse Association


4. Tankwa Solar Lighting Initiative

  • We have secured supplies of solar panels and lighting which we distribute to disadvantaged members of the Tankwa community
  • Donations of solar lighting rigs to Elandsvlei School and Padstal


5. Bicycle Donations and Support

  • Global Wheeling has initiated and runs this project, Outreach helps to transport the unclaimed bikes to founder Kayden Kleinhans’ workshop and provides donations towards repairs. The object is to fix and redistribute broken bicycles from the AfrikaBurn event.


6. Burning Mail

  • Marissa from Burning Mail (one of the oldest theme camps at AfrikaBurn) has offered her help utilising her resources and network, focusing on Tankwa schools and Observatory Primary School.
  • Ideas include a mail and correspondence between the pupils at the schools, teaching and stationary donations.


7. ParkOff and Decompression

  • Outreach runs a stand for donations at the ParkOff event where we then distribute the items of clothing and books to the Tankwa community.
  • Sponsorship of musicians at the ParkOff
  • Outreach also runs a stand at the annual Decompression event, showcasing the art work projects from the Elandsvlei school and creating awareness for the Outreach program


8. Cape Town Prisoner Comic Relief

  • We have provided stationery and assistance in printing copies of the comic books. We also plan to offer in distribution of the comics at ParkOff and the Observatory Open Streets events.


9. Musicians and Marching Band support

  • We help with the transport of bands from previously disadvantaged communities to and from the AfrikaBurn event
  • Outreach has provided donations and assistance to bands and musicians for the Afrikaburn event each year, focusing on groups who share and contribute to the Afrikaburn community
  • Outreach has assisted in the building a stage and supplies for bands at the Smithfield Arts Festival


10. Hatch Project

  • We have assisted Charles Palm with his community creative projects planned for Pniel in the Western Cape.


11. Build It Supplies

  • Outreach has organised a cooperative project for discounted supplies from Build It Tableview for AfrikaBurn projects and projects in the Tankwa community.


12. Observatory Open Streets initiative

  • Outreach has sponsored clothing and supplies for the OBS Open Streets day in Dec each year
  • Outreach, along with AfrikaBurn, is helping to organise and improve the OBS Open Streets festival each year, with our resources, donations and marketing


13. Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen

  • Outreach is supporting Mickey who runs a day-care and soup kitchen in Khayelitsha township, feeding over 150 people per day.
  • Outreach donations will be used for the building of a new shelter for the soup kitchen
  • Donations are being collected for books, sewing materials and other goods for Mickey


14. Sheriff’s Bionic Leg

  • Outreach, along with many kind donations from the Burner community, have helped the Sheriff (a.k.a Wilhelm Du Plessis, a longstanding AfrikaBurn volunteer, an active member of Outreach projects and our Nansen Street Workyard Manager) to organise a new bionic leg
  • In support of the efforts the Sheriff for the AfrikaBurn community, Outreach has ensured that the Sheriff’s new leg is serviced and looked after though financial donations
  • Subsequently he was donated a full new sports leg, with a total value of both donations coming to R300 000. This cost to AfrikaBurn was R25 000. We would like to thank Anton Crous for his help, and Jacky Woolfson for her time and patience


15. SADAWA Farm

  • Outreach has contributed food and medical supplies to the people at SADAWA Farm in the Tankwa Karoo
  • Outreach has also organized a jungle gym for the schoolkids on the farm


16. Dreamfields Football

  • Outreach is busy with a project with Dreamfields to help build a football pitch for the Elandsvlei community, along with donations of tracksuits and kits for the teams


17. Tankwa Camino Walk

  • Outreach has supported and donated to the Tankwa Walk last month where Jacqueline Jacobs and 70 people walked the R355 in raising funds for the Elandsvlei school and community.  Wilhelm ‘Sherrif’ Du Plessis will walk with Jacqueline next year.  This will become a self sustaining event.


18. AfrikaBurn Outreach Presence and Artist support

  • Outreach helps various AfrikaBurn artists with transporting goods and materials to and from Stonehenge from Cape Town, including the materials for Subterrafuge, DPW and Rangers
  • Outreach runs a table at AfrikaBurn raising awareness and facilitating donations for our various projects


19. Khayamandi and Khayelitsha Fire Assistance and donations

  • Outreach has collected donations and money to help Khayamandi and Khayelitsha residents after devastating fires in 2012
  • Donations were distributed to the people via a burner initiative being run in the area.


Thanks go out to:

Our community advisers are Hein Lange, Henk van Niekerk, Jonathan Hoffenberg, Grier Schoeman, Up Tize (Willifred Danhouse), Conrad Lattimer and Robert Weinek. Lauri-Anne Jaques Veitch (also known as Dickie) is our financial adviser and whizkid.
Daniella Hooijemans, Sonica Kirsten, Sanet Kirstens, Adetola Okunlola, Helena Sheridan and Louw Sheridan are honorary volunteers.

Coronavirus Advisory:

Wash your hands and stay informed. Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

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