Community Links

Welcome to the motherload of links to Facebook pages and Groups that have sprung up – 99% of which are created and run by groups in our community.

You’re looking for Mutant Vehicle crews on the Facebox? Maybe a Theme Camp you heard of? Perhaps you’ve heard about ‘that bunch who help set up art’ or ‘the bunch of guys who fix stuff’? The nudist Buddhists? The lemonade fiends? The Raspberry Pi geeks? This is where you’ll find ’em.

AfrikaBurn Facebook page
AfrikaBurn Facebook group

AfrikaBurn International
AfrikaBurn OCC Volunteer Station
AfrikaBurn Lost & Found
Atomic Love Factory
Beach, Please
Befokte Kosche
Birthday Suits
Boerassic Park
Bottle Skull X
Buggy Nights
Burning Mail
Come Dine Me
Die Hek
Early Erections
Fata Morgana
Fire Collective
Flow Arts Community
Funny Things We Heard At AfrikaBurn
Garden of Earthly Delights
Happy Call Box (phone booth)
House of Wom(b)an
Highveld Burners
Jozi Burners
KZN Burners
Life, Love and Death
Magic Foamtastic Fun Truck
Molly The Mollusc
Namibian Burners
New Beginnings
New Moon Collective
Not The Miniscule of Sound
Opium Gentlemen’s Club
Pancake People
Pimp Your Loo
Planet Knowhere
Purple Spanking Booth
Resource Community
Radio Free Tankwa
Ranger Training & Info
Rainbow Tie-Dye Group
Steampunk Saloon
Swallowers of Time
Sweet Love Cinema
Summer Camp
Take a BUS to AfrikaBurn
Tankwa Roller Disco
Tankwa Ride & Share
The Kissing Tree
The Lighthouse
Theme Camp Organisers Resource page
The No Spectator
This Must Be The Place
Transit Lounge
Very Visible Public Sphere Project
Wild Ass Saloon

If you’re part of our community and would like to have your link added here, get in touch by mailing [email protected]

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