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Get Involved

Get Involved Now

As a volunteer-driven event and organisation, AfrikaBurn offers many ways in which anyone can participate. A good starting point would simply to ask yourself what it is you’d like to do, and see where that skill or contribution would fit. Take a look at the following areas, find one that suits you, and then step up, rock up and prepare to have a lot of fun.




Our event and community are built on active participation. You’re welcome to raise your hand at any time and put yourself forward and get involved. Apart from our main annual event in the Tankwa Karoo, there are also others like Decompression and Streetopia where you could pitch in.

Visit the Portfolios Section for contact details and get in touch to find out how you can get involved in the organisation, or contribute to various ongoing projects. You’re also welcome to consider joining the organisation as a Member in order to provide oversight, guidance and input. Read up on how the organisation is managed, and how you can become a Member.

You can also fill out the Volunteer form online or email volunteer@afrikaburn.com and a volunteer coordinator will get back to you.