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The Outreach Portfolio, within the framework of the 11 principles and AfrikaBurn policy, exists to:

  • organise, resource and fund efforts to aid communities that live in and around the areas of our operations; and
  • develop and oversee an open and transparent process for selecting projects to fund, disbursing those funds, monitoring how they are used and evaluating the impact of the contribution; and
  • assist projects with similar aims that are run by members of the AfrikaBurn community with guidance, resources and funding; and
  • build partnerships with organisations that have skills and resources that can help Outreach to fulfill this mandate; and
  • build relationships with and seek funding and resources from donors and sponsors; and
  • promote diversity at AfrikaBurn and assist underprivileged artists with bringing their work to AfrikaBurn; and
  • facilitate and promote the uptake of Outreach work across the AfrikaBurn portfolios.


Latest Reports

Outreach FY17 REPORT

Outreach FY16

Community Day @ Tankwa Padstal, November 7th & 8th 2015

Cape Cart Horse Association Report for activities @ Community Day


Outreach Projects

For the latest News, take a look at our Outreach News and updates.

For the latest projects, take a look at our Outreach Facebook page.

To get in touch or get involved, please email us on outreach@afrikaburn.com