Call To Entry: Burner Exchange 2017

If you weren’t aware, for the past 4 years, AfrikaBurn and Lakes of Fire, a regional in the Michigan area of the USA, have had a Burner Exchange Programme that’s seen artists go back and forth between the two, with fantastic results on both ends. Here’s word from previous Exchange artist Braai Bliksem:




And here it is folks, the sign you have been waiting for – entries are officially open for the Hey You! Burner Exchange 2017!

Are you interested in joining the Burner Bureau for Wayward Travellers? Does the hum of distant jigsaws flip your switch? Is your blood-type A for Art? Well then grab that project and your willing wanderlust ‘cos do we have a thing for you!

The Lakes of Fire – AfrikaBurn Exchange Programme is heading into it’s fourth year, and we we looking for one lucky artist to represent AfrikaBurn and take their project over to Lakes of Fire (Midwest Regional Burn near Chicago, USA, June 14th – 18th). You will also help support their exchange artist heading to Tankwa Town, which rocks!

If you are still reading, then what are you waiting for? Get started on that art project idea, and make sure it kicks-ass! Trust us, you want this.

So here is the low-down… this is not an all-expenses-paid trip. Your airfare, visa and event ticket are all covered. You will get a budget for your artwork and workshop space. You will be hosted both in Chicago, as well as at the event by some of the best people on the planet. Midwest hospitality is a real thing!



Before applying, consider the ‘why, what, where, and how’ of your project. Are the materials readily available? Can it be made with standard powertools? How long will it take to make? Is it easy to transport? All the good stuff you would normally consider, but you already knew that, because this wouldn’t be your first rodeo!

If this all sounds like the best idea you never had, dust off the cobwebs, get those creative juices flowing, and click on the link to apply:

Apply as an artist for this year’s Hey You! Burner Exchange

For some extra inspiration (as if you needed it), check our the love-stories from the past year’s Exchange Burners:  

Hey, You – Burner by Duncan Larkin
Wet In The Midwest by Braai Bliksem

And here’s Rosey Posey’s take on coming over to our thing in the desert.

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