Call for Calvinia High Books

As part of our various social development initiatives, our Outreach team has been supporting learners at Calvinia High for the past 4 years, assisting them with funding to make the transition from Elandsvlei Primary to Calvinia High – and we’re very happy to report that the kids are doing well at High School, where they’re housed at the Koshuis (Boarding School).

Calvinia High, like many schools in sparsely-populated areas of the Northern Cape, faces a challenge in trying to do its best on a minimal budget – and this affects elements such as the list of books that their library stocks. In particular, the school is looking to add many more books to the Koshuis Reading Room.


With that in mind, teachers at Calvinia High have reached out to us, to request that we put out a call to our community for books that they would dearly like to see added to their school library list. The books in question are specifically selected for their cultural, social and practical relevance to the kids of Calvinia High, and will go some way to assisting them in their development as teenagers.

If you’re in a position to buy even a few of the books listed on the documents shown below, it would mean the world to those who’d be reading them at Calvinia High.

All books listed on the documents show an ISBN number, by which you should be able to search for them online and then place an order with book vendors (or print them out and take them to a bookshop, requesting the books from stock, or by order).

Once purchased, the books can be dropped off at our HQ in Cape Town at 8 Junction Road, Salt River (or at Triggerfish Brewing in Somerset West during office hours, if in the Helderberg region).

If you’d like to confirm when the books could be dropped off when our team are in the building and able to take delivery, please email


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