Clan 2020 – Call For Input

In 2020, our Clan effigy will stand for the last time at Stonehenge – and as part of its design, the creators of our central artwork are calling out for your input.

Part of our Clan effigy plans for 2020 will be the telling of stories of our long relationship with the epic landscape that is Stonehenge Private Reserve, the location that’s been home to Tankwa Town for the past 13 years. The plan is to celebrate and incorporate your memories, moments and artworks – and in order to do that, we’re calling out for your visual archive of iconic sights and experiences from each year. These will be reproduced using cutouts – so the memories will have to be simplified down to their basic outlines & shapes.


Our team have loads of images of the main artworks from the last 6 burns, but what we’re looking for are:
– more content (photos & drawings) from the earlier burns
– unique special memories that only you seem to have seen, recorded or remembered
– special things that happened in a specific year
– short & sweet stories that can be recorded visually

The simpler the submissions are, the easier it will be for them to be included and shown on the Clan structure – and ideally, we’re looking for simple line drawings or individual photos (as in the image above).

Got memories and moments? We want them: send yours to

Deadline? 17th Feb.

NOTE: please indicate the name or title, and year, of the submission – that info’s needed to faithfully record and display the included image.

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