Decompression – June 14th


Yes indeed, it’s that time again – time to reconnect, revive and reboot! Time to plug in and come together for a wild slice of Tankwa spice. There’s a whole lot of amazing going on, thanks to a stellar show of participation on the part of you – our fantastic community. Thank you! The venue’s the same as last year (Salt River Studios, Cape Town) but there are a range of improvements this time round, including a separate heated outdoor area, better dancefloor configuration that’ll ensure all sounds enjoy their own space and some comfy warm chill areas. And there’ll be a coat check if you need it. Check out this incredible lineup of highlights:


L2H2, The Tardis, Ouroboros, The Watchers, Cosmic Pacemaker, The Light Intensity, The Diver, Pipe Dreams, Monolith, Skaap III, Shimmer +++


Trike, Loki, Bakgatti, Mutant Noddy Car, Green Meanie +++


Off-Centre Camp Stage

8:45 Seed – Band
9:30 Croak
10 Eddie Zoom & The Jam Band
11 Black South Easter
11:45 Swallowers of Time
12:15 The Rockerfellas & Bishop Loon
1:15 Warongx

Roaming / Outdoor

Trash Cabaret & The Post-Fukushima Seafood Experience
AfrikaBurn Flow Arts Community
My Bruttar


Naughty + Lus

DJ Spanks,
Marco G


Moody Bloom
Jews For Techno
Tommy Gun


7  DJ Paul
8:30 Spearmint Reno
9:30 Derek Daly
10:30 Travis Daly
12 – 2 Spearmint Reno

Not The Miniscule Of Sound

Ooba G
DJ Miss Creamer
Ray Ray

TranceMission Presents: Far Far Away

19:00 – Craig Wilson & Marcelo Pacella
20:30 – Sway
22:00 – Siren
00:00 – Bruce
02:00 – END


Dr. Wung’s Leery Pranksters
Trickster’s Marvellous Adventure Croquet
Camp Skaduwee
The Living Room


Everyone’s welcome to work, to play and get stuck in – got something to add to the mix? Step up, sign up and roll up:


Setup & Strike and LNT Volunteers:

Die Hek (door):



If you’re a rigger, know this – we’d love your help with accessing high areas so we can get lighting and projections in place. If you have the skills and a harness, shoot a mail, thanks!


Are limited to 3000, and as of today (12th June) there are only 1000 left, so get ’em while you can.
Tickets are R121.80 from Quicket (R100 + VAT & charges) and you can get them here:

PLEASE BUY PRESALES – they enable planning ahead for health & safety requirements. That’s why tickets on the door are R200: we don’t expect you to pay that, ‘cos you’re sharp. Don’t be slow: buy pre-sales and save, thanks.

NOTE: Quicket sales will be open until 6pm on the day.


Hell, no. All profits go towards funding AfrikaBurn Outreach, our initiative to assist communities in need. For more info on the good work being done there, check out our AfrikaBurn Outreach program and step up if you’d like to get involved.


Please consider bringing any of the following items to gift:

– blankets, clothes, tinned food,
– soccer, rugby & netball equipment or kit

Drop items in the Mutant Noddy car at the entrance, thanks!


This is a strictly NO UNDER 18 event: please bring photo ID to present at the event entrance

WHERE: Salt River Studios, Voortrekker Road, Cape Town
WHEN: 7pm – 2am
TICKETS? (look above, it’s all there)
WHAT: You, your community and a lot of hugging and reconnecting
DRESS: Up, as in Tankwa costume that’s frivolous, fancy, fine or fabulous! Don’t be boring – bring your A-game! (Coat check? It’s there if you need it).

EVENT PAGE? Why yes, that’s right here:

pssst: didn’t get a Gate Handout or poster our in the Tankwa? No problem – grab one of each at the entrance.

Coronavirus Advisory:

Wash your hands and stay informed. Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

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