It’s Decompression Time!

Step up, roll up & dress up – it’s Decompression time again! This year’s event is a pageant, a carnival, a fiesta and a variety show – and it’s one at which you MAKE IT HAPPEN, just like you did in Tankwa Town.


And hey – when we say ‘dress up’, we really mean it: this Decom is a costume-only affair, so if you or a mate rock up at the gate looking normal, that’ll mean double at the door. So get your best Tankwa finery out of that closet or cupboard and prepare to dazzle in the default!


R100 pre-sales for those in costume
R200 on the door for those not in costume
R20 for kids

Get ’em here.

(as always, the Decom is a fundraiser for our Outreach program)


This year’s Decom is an experiment where, just like Tankwa Town, you create the performance, the art, the sound and the experience. It’s a space where you’re able to bring along the thing you love to do, and do it.

There’ll be different areas, for various kinds of activities – and with a midday start, it’ll be a family affair, so bring the kids. Here’s a list of the activities already planned:

In the Main Hall:

– 2018 Theme to be announced!
The Steampunk Saloon (burlesque & DJ’s)
– Best Dressed Costume Contest with MC Bishop Loon!
– Theme Camp areas, with decor & activities  
– Silent Disco with the following DJ’s:

JNN KPN, Wulfsohn, Lieutenant Fizzer, Jews For Techno, Sadhu Sensi, Aanga, Psi36, Chocolate, Martin Luther Queen Jr, Jas-D, Loic 2-D, Chocolate ++

Note to bands and DJ’s: This year’s Decom is a variety show and won’t feature large stages or sound rigs. If you’d like to perform acoustically (as in, no amps, no backline, no monitors, no PA), feel free to get in touch. Small DC (as in battery) powered sound setups are welcome – as are portable speakers in the Sound Zone.

In the Side Hall:

– Talkshops covering a range of topics including Diversity, Inclusion,  Psychoacoustics, Art & Psychedelics, Sexuality & Gender ++
– Projections of films & shorts from AfrikaBurns past
– Slides of a variety of photographers’ shots from Tankwa Town
– DIY Camp Tech plans
– MOOP Photography Exhibition (photos by Conrad Lattimer)

Throughout the venue:

– Bishop Loon’s TARDIS
The Theatre of Playful Banter
– Artworks large and small from this year in Tankwa Town , incl:
  – ChockyBot v.X
  – Big Beach Scene
  – Rocking Horses
  – Malta the Horse
– Collaborative sound zone: bring a portable speaker
– Mutant Vehicles incl Adoons the Skullcar, Katryn ++


– 4 full bars
– Food trucks
– Restaurant serving all tastes
– Coat check
– Car guards around venue for safe parking
– Lots more

How does it work, and how can you get involved?

Got ideas, art, or an activity you want to add to the mix? Great – mail [email protected] to start chatting about how it can be plugged in.


Just like Tankwa Town, this event is co-created by all of us – and to make it happen takes a lot of hands on deck. So – if you have any skills and some time, you’re more than welcome to step up and help in organising the many aspects that will see this mad community carnival take shape. Here are the shifts & tasks available:

Coat Check / Lost & Found
Setup & Art Assistants
Silent Disco
Bowling Alley

Not sure where you’d fit in? Email [email protected] and our team will connect you with tasks and volunteers. Thanks to everyone that’s stepped up so far!

Want more info & the latest updates if activities and art? Head to the Facebook event page.

Coronavirus Advisory:

Wash your hands and stay informed. Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

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