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HomeBurn – An Online Gathering

This year, we won’t be gathering in Tankwa Town, as a result of Covid-19 and lockdown regulations – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t connect and express our culture.

Citizens of Tankwa Town, we present HomeBurn!


HomeBurn will be a central hub that pulls live streams into one platform, sharing & showing the talents and activities of our community. It’s an experiment – and you’re invited to make it happen.


The days that would have been the peak of our Tankwa Town week: Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd (and we’ll also be sharing community contributions outside the scheduled period).


The experience will see various other streams from members of our community plugged into a central HomeBurn platform. The streams will be generated by folks at home, and watched by you, at home. So, HomeBurn – and like Tankwa Town, it will feature a wide range of activities.

So far, a range of artists have volunteered art-related activities such as a range of actual mini-burns taking place at their homes, and this includes both a Clan Burn on the Saturday night and a Temple Burn on the Sunday (each at 8pm, just like in the Tankwa) – and we’re discussing further art-related activities with our team. Even we don’t know what could happen.

As far as Theme Camps go, it’s completely wide open as to what could be contributed: talks and discussions, Show & Tell, Maker culture, Live music – all of these are the kind of thing we’d like to pull into a schedule over the dates of the broadcast.

And music? Hell yes – we’re happy to report that many music makers are gathering to add streams to the mix on the 2 days of HomeBurn – and you’re welcome to add yours.

Got an activity to add? Bring and come – use the Register option, let’s chat and set it up >> home.afrikaburn.com

Will it be experimental, unpredictable and loads of fun, like the thing in the desert that we do together?

Probably – if you’re involved!

Got an activity or event that you’d like to add to the HomeBurn schedule? Great >>

Add your event or activity by registering your contribution to HomeBurn HERE.

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