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As you’d know by now, tickets to AfrikaBurn 2014 sold out in record time back in February. However, many resold tickets have become available via STEP, and some are still becoming available in private sales. Remember that STEP’s the only 100% safe & secure way to buy or sell a ticket – so if you’ve bought tickets outside of STEP, be sure to read the info below – and please help to keep the Binnekring honest by not supporting scalpers. There are always people looking to profit off supply & demand: do the right thing, and only buy tickets at face value. As burners, we don’t look to profit off each other.

On with the ticket info: with just two weeks to go before the gates open and our annual explosion of creativity and dusty joy takes places, the good folk over at Quicket, our ticket vendor, have been kind enough to share the ins & outs of tickets for all those who have tickets, want to sell tickets or are desperately trying to get tickets.

Read on – and if you know of anyone who’s scratching their head and needs the info, please share this with them, thanks.


Do I need my name to be on my ticket?

It’s in your best interest to have your name on your ticket, so that if you forget your ticket at home or there is some problem with your ticket at the gate, we will be able to identify that you are the ticket holder.


I bought tickets for a few people, what must I do?

If you bought a ticket for a friend and haven’t put their name on it, you must change the name on the ticket for them, because you are the owner of the ticket. You can do this by logging into your account on Quicket, and going to “My Tickets” in the menu. For help on doing this check out our help article here:


When do I have until to change the name on the ticket?

21 April at 5pm. No name changes after the deadline. If you don’t get your name change done in time, we cannot help you.


I don’t need my tickets, what should I do?

If you are wanting to sell your ticket, use the STEP program. It’s a small fee to pay for the security of knowing the sale is legitimate and not having to meet strangers. Your ticket will be sold – there are thousands of people waiting in the queue to get tickets! It also helps to keep the event honest by keeping scalping to a minimum. Note that STEP cutoff is this Friday the 18th April.


Physical tickets – do they require a name and ID number, and can they be sold?

Because physical tickets bought at outlets (Ashanti in Cape Town and The Griffin in Jozi) can’t be duplicated, they can be resold, and do not require a name and ID number. Owners of physical tickets can simply come along and present them at the event gate.


What must I bring to the event gate?

Everyone in the car must have a ticket. If someone in your car does not have a ticket, it will be your vehicle’s responsibility to get the ticketless Burner home. The driver of the vehicle will not be allowed access to the event until this has been dealt with.

You can either print your tickets or bring them on your phone / tablet / computer, but if you go the digital route remember to download the tickets to your device because there is no internet in Tankwa. Also bring your ID document or some proof of identification in case you forget your ticket.


When can I arrive at the event?

You can arrive at any time from 9am on April 28th until May 4th with a valid ticket. Please note that unless you’ve been issued with an Early Arrivals Pass (which is a separate ticket issued via Quicket) you are not permitted to arrive earlier. EA Passes are only provided to essential setup crew who are working on large-scale Art and Theme Camp projects.


In the spirit of the event, practice Each One Teach One – please share this info with everyone you know, thanks!

Coronavirus Advisory:

Wash your hands and stay informed. Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

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