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Late Art & Performance Registration

Got art, but you missed our deadline for inclusion in this year’s WTF Guide? No problem – here’s word from Isa, our Art Wrangler:

It’s fabulous that you have plans for AfrikaBurn 2017!

We’re past the registration deadlines for the purpose of having info included in our WTF Guide, but you can still bring your project to Tankwa Town – and we’d love it if you did! Your piece won’t show on the map or in the WTF Guide listings, but so what? The important part is that it will be at AfrikaBurn for you and the good citizens of Tankwa Town to enjoy.

Please come talk to us at the Arteria (at Off-Centre Camp, at 8ish) when you arrive, and we’ll assist you with the placement of your piece and anything else that you might need.

At this point, you might have missed some important emails – we’ve been sending Creative Info Packs, containing very useful information for Creative Crews. But don’t worry, you can still catch up by reading the docs in our 2017 Art Public Folder (keep in mind that some of the information was time-specific and may no longer apply).

If you mail us on art@afrikaburn.com, expect delays – if we don’t respond, it’s because we’re already in the Tankwa. Come and find us on arrival.

Enjoy the reading and see you soon in the dust!

With love,

The AfrikaBurn Creative Portfolio