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Poster 2018

Freshly landed from the printers (and also right here) thanks to the tireless efforts of the rather talented Jeanne Fourie – it’s our 2018 event poster, and we don’t mind saying that it’s a rather fabulous piece of art in its own right.

And what does this rather gloriously Saul Bass and Paul Randesque poster have to say about our event? Well, for a start you’d notice that all the characters are working, on a stylised Clan – which is in line with our 2018 theme being “Working Title______”. Are these visual devices reference to the fact that we’re driving home the big idea that to make the magic of tankwa Town come alive, we all have to do the work? Damn straight.

Stay tuned for a larger version – or pick up your very own copy at Streetopia, and also at Die hek and the OCC in Tankwa Town in 2018.

Thank you, Jeanne!

p.s: inspired to get tickets for our 2018 event, and bring a project? Hit this and follow the trail…