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Project Registrations: Open Season!

Got plans to bring (insert your amazing idea here) to our 2018 event? And you’d like to get funding by applying for a Creative (or Mutant Vehicle) Grant? Fantastic – but are you aware that we’ve created a new platform for projects? It’s true, and here’s the lowdown.

Our new platform is called Tribe, and it’s been built specifically to enable you to have more tools to assist you, and your project team (if you have one) as you go about the process of planning and collaborating on creative projects such as Artworks, Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles and Performances. The first big idea is that teams working on a creative project together are now called Collectives.

Collectives are project crews – and in order to register a project, you’d first have to create a Collective and register the project to that Collective. A Collective can consist of one person (if you’re able to bring a project that only requires one person), or many more, depending on the scale of the project.

Once a project has been registered to a Collective, members are then invited to become part of that Collective, and receive emailed notifications of the invitation.

So, how do you register a Theme Camp, Artwork, Performance or Mutant Vehicle? Follow these steps (most of which you’ll only ever need to follow once):

1) as always, to make use of our site (and buy tickets), you need to register a Burner Bio profile



2) Log into our site here and then create a Collective



3) once you’ve got your Collective created, you can then register a project associated to your Collective (and this includes Creative Grants) by using the options visible on your Tribe page (or by using the relevant Artwork, Mutant Vehicle, Performance or Theme Camp links found on various relevant pages of our site)



It’s that simple – but there are more aspects that are worth mentioning here, so you’re able to make the most of the tools that are available to you:

  • with a Collective, Project Leads are able to invite others onto the team.
    NOTE: to invite them correctly, use the email they registered their Bio with
  • when someone is invited, they receive a mail informing them they can join the Collective
  • once on board, members of Collectives are able to post messages within their Collective. Presto: you now have a space for project discussions!


Here’s how to invite people to your Collective:



And here’s how to accept the invite to a Collective:



Like admins and moderators on Facebook (or on a forum), there are some levels to the user permissions in a Collective:


  • Becomes member
  • Becomes admin


  • View Collective
  • View project registration/s
  • Comment in Collective


  • Edit Collective
  • Create / Edit project registration/s (inc. Creative Grants)


If you’ve used Facebook as a Page or Group admin or mod before (or for that matter on forums) this would be familiar territory to you. Even if you haven’t, the user interface is simple and easy to use, and self-explanatory.

The beauty of Tribe? As time passes, your Bio will be a personal repository of your projects – and your Collective space will also perform a similar function, becoming a place where you and your crew members can post images, videos, and store project planning docs.

The next phase will see forum spaces opened up for interest groups to share ideas and discuss topics. We’re hoping this will become the central point that our community (whether on Facebook or not) can connect and collaborate.

Thanks to our dev team for their many hours behind the scenes setting Tribe up – it’s starting to look like our very own online community colab space, and we think that’s a beautiful thing.

Need a handy Tribe & Collectives FAQ doc? You’ll find that right here (feel free to share it with anyone on your team who could use the news).

Need info on Creative Grants? Find that right here.