Register Your Projects – And Get A Grant!

[REMINDER: Creative or Mutant Grant applications close midnight Sunday OCTOBER 28th 2018]

So there you are, you and your camp or crew or family of dust lovers, and you’re musing over the proposition of Our Thing In The Desert, and you’re thinking “Hmmm… we should totally create a [insert amazing project of your dreams here] and take it to AfrikaBurn 2019”?

Fantastic, that’s the spirit – start your engines!

The jets are primed and the systems are ready & waiting for you, and all you need to do to is step up, and press the GO button – because project registrations and Grants for 2019 are ready to receive. 

Here’s how you make your project come to life, and get some funding too:

Log into your Burner Bio
– Create a Collective
– Register a Theme Camp, Artwork, Performance, or Binnekring Event
– Then apply for a Creative (or Mutant Vehicle) Grant by Oct 28th

Something you’ll notice when you log into our site is that your Burner Bio profile has been expanded – it now provides you with a handy panel offering you ways to participate, collaborate and create.


This means that once you’ve created a Collective, you and your crew are able to:

– invite your friends & crew members to collaborate 
– discuss plans on comment threads
– share images, links – and now also video, which looks like so:



Need Tickets?

Our General Sale went live on Wed 26th September, and will remain open until all tickets are sold – if you haven’t got your yet, just register & log into our site with your Burner Bio details, and you’ll then be able to click the Buy Tickets button. Of course, we’re well aware that an excursion to a remote temporary city of creativity and dust isn’t a cheap endeavour – and this is why we have lower-priced ticket categories that are designed to cater to all pockets and purposes.

Consider your crew – are there friends who can’t afford the General Sale ticket price? Assist them: let them know they can apply for a Subsidised Ticket, or an Anathi (Community) Ticket, on our Tickets page.

Something else to consider: if & when you register a project to your Collective on Tribe, you’ll also be able to request a limited number of free Vehicle Passes for your crew’s vehicles.

Got questions?

Need help registering or bringing a project to the dust? These are the handy contacts directly to our Project Wranglers that can assist you:

Art & Performance Wranglers –
Theme Camps –
Mutant Vehicles –

Got a general query? Mail and our team will help you out.


Coronavirus Advisory:

Wash your hands and stay informed. Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

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