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Supplier Guidelines


In order to ensure the smooth processing of suppliers who make deliveries to our event site, some new guidelines have been introduced ahead of the 2017 event.

All suppliers providing materials to camps and clients at the event (such as stretch tents, water, wood, camp infrastructure etc) will now need to register with us in order to obtain a supplier ticket and vehicle pass. Supplier vehicles and staff without these won’t be able to access the event site. If you as a camp crew member and participant have secured a delivery, you’ll need to ensure that that your camp suppliers obtain the necessary paperwork and have it ready for presentation at the event gate. To do this, please ask them to contact supplier@afrikaburn.com

Camp Ja-but-No-but

If they arrive at the event gate without the proper credentials, they can’t be allowed in and will have to park at Camp Ja-But-No-But camp near Die Hek (our event gate). If one of your suppliers get stuck here, you’ll have the option to either pay for them to enter Tankwa Town in order to make the delivery to your campsite, or collect the goods yourself at the gate. AfrikaBurn isn’t able to facilitate any arrangement between a Burner/Theme Camp/Artwork and their suppliers, so pre-arrangement is key.

To ensure suppliers are aware of these guidelines, AfrikaBurn will make contact with all suppliers, but in order to know who these companies are, we need you to provide us with the list of suppliers providing stuff to your camp/art work. Please assist us in managing this area of the event by sending the details of your suppliers to supplier@afrikaburn.com

Unregistered Suppliers

If your supplier’s details aren’t registered and they are not part of a company or organisation, or the delivery is arranged last minute either just before the event, or at the event and they are only delivering to you and only staying for a couple of hours,  then these folk will need to pay a cash deposit of R1500 at the gate, which will be refunded provided they leave before 7pm that same day. The supplier entrance is only open from 9am till 7pm.

It’s critical that if you make arrangements like this that the driver of the delivery vehicle has the cash for the deposit, or they’ll be stopped at the gate and not let in. You could meet them at the gate and pay the deposit yourself.

Provide Suppliers With Camp Info

It’s important to provide suppliers with as much information about where you are camping so they can find you. If they don’t arrive at the arranged time and date, your first point of call would be to go to the Supplier Depot near Die Hek, as this is where you will more than likely find them. Failing that, your best bet would be to seartch for them at the supplier gate.

If you’re unable to get this info to your supplier before you leave for the event, please ensure that you visit the Supplier Depot to provide this info to them, and if you don’t find the supplier at the depot, then provide this info at the supplier entrance at the gate between the hours of 9am and 7pm

The supplier entry process will be in place from Wed 19th April until Monday 1st May – and this means that suppliers who wish to access the event site prior to gates opening on Monday the 24th April will require Early Arrivals Passes.

If you’d like to find out how things work with having large stretch tents delivered to, or erected in, Tankwa Town, check out our Stretch Tent Guidelines here.