Survey 2017

As our humble town in the dust has grown into a city, so numbers and data have become an important means of understanding who our people are, where they come from and how they experience the thing we all do out there. With that in mind, we’re happy to say that the results of this year’s survey are in – and they make for pretty impressive reading.

Thanks go out to our man with a plan Tim Doyle for wrangling this data into something that’s easy to read and understand – and also to everyone that provided their assistance and advice on how to structure the survey so the responses provide the kind of info we can use to make our main event better in many ways.

And to you right there if you were one of the 1034 people who filled out this year’s survey, thank you!

Interested in seeing all that beautiful data? Click on the image to open up the downloadable PDF or just view it in your browser.

If you’d like further info or access to the raw data and / or summarised open questions, please mail [email protected]

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