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Join Us At Streetopia 2018!
Posted by: TravisLyle - November 21, 2018

Once a year our crew teams up with the community of Observatory, Cape Town, to host a street festival that takes place in the hood that’s been something of a crucible for this crazy experiment we call AfrikaBurn. Imagine the magic of Tankwa Town spilling – Read More

Another day, another Blessing
Posted by: The Tim Doyle - November 6, 2018

  Another day, another blessing – and another wonderful encounter with our locals on the streets of Cape Town. Through the generous donations of our community, we’ve put together another 25 Blessing Bags to distribute to those in need. This brings us up to probably – Read More

Posted by: TravisLyle - November 1, 2018

If it’s November, then it’s open season on DPW signups. Here’s word from Princess Caralot, our DPW Crew Wrangler:     Howzit people of the dust! Are you thinking of applying to be on DPW but you’re not sure what to expect? Don’t fear, I’m – Read More

An App, an API, and Other Stories
Posted by: The Tim Doyle - October 29, 2018

We’re ready to offer access to the API for our Tribe system! Got ideas for an AfrikaBurn app? A way to personalise the map? Or do you want to customise a WTF guide? Our API can make that, and much more, happen.

What the **** is the Open Mesh network?
Posted by: The Tim Doyle - October 29, 2018

Music streaming apps. Push to talk implementations. Analytics and data projects. Lighting controllers. All of these, and much more, are possible on our open mesh network in Tankwa Town. Want more info? Got skills? Tuck in, and volunteer to make this happen!


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