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Supplier Process 2018
Posted by: TravisLyle - December 5, 2017

Heads up: we’re reviewing the process below, to ensure it’s fair on all concerned. If you have input, let us have it – mail info@afrikaburn.com, thanks. Once upon a time, a little event in the desert happened, and it became very popular. As word spread, – Read More

Poster 2018
Posted by: TravisLyle - November 23, 2017

Freshly landed from the printers (and also right here) thanks to the tireless efforts of the rather talented Jeanne Fourie – it’s our 2018 event poster, and we don’t mind saying that it’s a rather fabulous piece of art in its own right. And what – Read More

Posted by: TravisLyle - November 23, 2017

Is your blood type A for Art? Were you born to perform? Does your wanderlust have you wondering where to from here? Well here it is Folks, the sign you’ve been waiting for – entries are officially open for the 2018 “Hey You! Burner Exchange” – Read More

Director Nominations – Callout
Posted by: TravisLyle - November 23, 2017

Do you have what it takes to be a board member and help steer our dusty ship into the future? Afrika Burns Creative Projects NPC (that’s our organisation’s official, legal, name) is seeking highly-dedicated individuals to join its Board of Directors in 2018. Directors are – Read More

Ticketing & Numbers in 2018
Posted by: TravisLyle - November 9, 2017

We recently had our 2017 Annual General Meeting, which is as it sounds – it’s the formal occasion in our organisation’s year when our Members vote on the big decisions that keep the wheels of our machine turning for the year ahead. Among the decisions – Read More