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Decompression is ON!
Posted by: TravisLyle - May 15, 2019

  Together, we created an incredible Ephemeropolis in the dust – and now that the dust has settled, we gather to share our experiences at the Decompression. Just like Tankwa Town, our Decom is a blank canvas where you’re the artist and the performer, so – Read More

Lakes of Fire Burner Exchange 2019
Posted by: TravisLyle - April 5, 2019

Another year – and another fantastic opportunity for two members of our global community to switch places, thanks to the annual Lakes of Fire Burner Exchange! This year, Andrew Miller from Toronto will be representing the Great Lakes region in the US, and traveling to – Read More

Contextualising The Radical Inclusion Principle
Posted by: TravisLyle - April 2, 2019

We’ve got a big announcement to make – and it relates to the principle of Radical Inclusion. We’re making an adjustment to it – and you can read more about how & why below – and from here on out, this is is how it – Read More

Posted by: TravisLyle - March 20, 2019

The SKOP crew are back! They’re the crew that co-created Subterrafuge in 2014, the Clan in 2015, Project O in 2016, and SKOP IV last year – and now, they’re working on another completely spectacular piece for this year. SKOPX, the art project that builds – Read More

Posted by: TravisLyle - March 18, 2019

Planning to bring wood to the desert for an artwork, theme camp – or even as firewood for your camp? Please read the info below – it’s critical that our community are aware of an invasive beetle that is devastating trees across South Africa.   – Read More


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