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AfrikaBurn Blank Canvas Express – Third Leg
Posted by: The Tim Doyle - October 17, 2018

  After its first two successful expeditions to the Northern Cape and Free State, the third leg of our Blank Canvas Express roadshow is now headed to Richmond and De Aar. This leg of the tour will see members of our team, along with arts – Read More

Register Your Projects – And Get A Grant!
Posted by: TravisLyle - October 11, 2018

[REMINDER: Creative or Mutant Grant applications close midnight Sunday OCTOBER 28th 2018] So there you are, you and your camp or crew or family of dust lovers, and you’re musing over the proposition of Our Thing In The Desert, and you’re thinking “Hmmm… we should – Read More

Posted by: TravisLyle - October 9, 2018

On July 3rd this year, on the back of our 2019 theme being announced – it’s ‘Ephemeropolis’ by the way, and you can find out more about that glorious description of our temporary city right here – we called out for poster designs from our – Read More

Our 2018 Post Working Title Survey is ready!
Posted by: The Tim Doyle - October 8, 2018

Want to know how many people came from Kenya? Or maybe what the largest age group of attendees is? How many virgins attended? What happened to the Weekend Warriors? Wonder and wait no more! All the juicy stats and numbers you’ve been waiting for have – Read More

Sutherland School Fire – Call For Support
Posted by: TravisLyle - September 30, 2018

In a disastrous turn of events this past week on September 27th, the school in Sutherland was tragically consumed by a fire that has gutted most of the stately heritage building, which is 110 years old. The blaze broke out late on Wednesday night and – Read More


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