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Wristband Project 2019
Posted by: TravisLyle - March 13, 2019

After our 2018 event, our Ticketing team – who manage our gate, tickets and wristbands – were approached by a member of the German burner community and designer Severin Taranko with a proposal: he wanted to make the creation of our 2019 wristbands an art – Read More

Nice To Meet You!
Posted by: TravisLyle - January 23, 2019

DMV. Artworks. DPW. City maps. Finance. Communications. Operations. Theme Camp Wranglers. Art Wranglers. ITC. Ticketing. Workshops. Social Development. Streetopia. Decompression. Blank Canvas Express. Ever wondered what goes on at our HQ? Wonder no more – as part of Art Week Cape Town, we’re hosting an – Read More

Anathi Tickets & Access Grants are GO!
Posted by: TravisLyle - January 18, 2019

If you’ve been a member of our community for a while, or if you’ve brought projects to the desert that have involved a wide crew of various means & resources, you’d likely know that for around 10 years now, we’ve had cheaper ticket categories available – Read More

Join Us At Streetopia 2018!
Posted by: TravisLyle - November 21, 2018

Once a year our crew teams up with the community of Observatory, Cape Town, to host a street festival that takes place in the hood that’s been something of a crucible for this crazy experiment we call AfrikaBurn. Imagine the magic of Tankwa Town spilling – Read More

Another day, another Blessing
Posted by: The Tim Doyle - November 6, 2018

  Another day, another blessing – and another wonderful encounter with our locals on the streets of Cape Town. Through the generous donations of our community, we’ve put together another 25 Blessing Bags to distribute to those in need. This brings us up to probably – Read More


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