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Got content for our newsletter, The Baardskeerder*? Great – here’s where you can submit info. To sign up for our newsletter, head to our homepage and drop your email into the Newsletter Signup panel.

When does The Baardskeerder go out?

During the busy period of our year (January to May) newsletters go out roughly every two weeks, other than during the lead-up period to our main event – for example in April, when they’re weekly.

2022 Event Build-up Publication Dates

January 25th
February 8th & 22nd
March 8th & 22nd
April 5th & 19th


(from June to December, the Baardskeerder is content dependant and thus goes out roughly every 3 weeks)

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*a baardskeerder is a Solifuge: a kind of insect, an arachnoid, that’s found in the Tankwa Karoo. They look fierce (but actually can’t harm humans – their fearsome jaws are only capable of biting insects).



Newsletter Archive


Interested in the history of AfrikaBurn? Check out our newsletter archive for snapshots of news, art, theme camps, fundraisers & loads more from years gone by.

Enjoy the read!






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