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Painted Boots and a Beard ~ Part 4

Posted by on 3rd July 2019

Writing and pictures by Solar Santa. You are rewarded for having endured this far with more stories from Solar Santa Sonica has gifted me an amazing site. Corner of 6ish and Black Rock City. Prestigious address linked to the original …More »

Roots, Fruits and Offshoots

Posted by on 26th August 2015

That ‘Burner culture’ would take root in so many far-flung locations was something that was perhaps not on the radar of those who were instrumental in the creation of Burning Man, back in the early 90s – and even before, when the pre-Burning Man events took place in and around San Francisco. Let’s take a look at some history…More »

Wet in the Midwest : AfrikaBurn on exchange

Posted by on 16th August 2014

Bowties, lake swims and braai in the U, S and A? Duncan Larkin experiences Lakes of Fire, thanks to the Burner Exchange Program.More »

The Gift Of Life

Posted by on 25th July 2014
photo by Sergey

They ignite the temple, it catches fire, and an orange light is cast on the playa … and in that light, if you look around you, you see something you’ll never see anywhere else: 40,000 people crying.More »

How DPW Changed My Life

Posted by on 11th February 2014

It’s hard to describe the satisfaction and growth one experiences during 42 days of physical labour in a harsh environment, but H gives it a crack in her first blogpost here…More »

Does your gift make the playa less lonely?

Posted by on 3rd February 2014

The notion that everybody’s contribution counts, that it doesn’t matter what you can do so long as you share your gifts, is a good one when it encourages people to step up to the plate and discover a capacity to give that they didn’t know they had. By Caveat Magister, from Burning Man’s ’10 Principles Blog Series’. More »

Working The Burn

Posted by on 6th January 2014
Photo by Sonica Spirit

Sonica Spirit, MOOP lead for AfrikaBurn and generally capable wonderwoman, shares her experience of working with DPW and Resto crews at Burning Man.More »

The Great Vlam Trek Pt III

Posted by on 11th December 2013

There is something very special about the feelings of collective endeavor. During the course of this monumental journey we had all got to know each other very deeply. More »

The Great Vlam Trek – Part I

Posted by on 26th November 2013

A crazy 7 months of preparation and wrangling saw a diverse bunch of mad Burners put their faith in a cockamamie plan to visit the mecca of Burner culture and show what we can do here in Africa. More »

AfrikaBurn Art at Burning Man – update!

Posted by on 27th August 2013

They’ve arrived, set up and are now hurtling towards wowing Burning man with AfrikaBurn art – here’s the update! More »


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