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Taking art to Burning Man – AfrikaBurn Fire Collective update

Posted by on 14th August 2013
Photo by Gabby Farias

The AfrikaBurn Fire Collective’s cargo container has arrived on the playa at Burning Man, and as things go into hyperdrive and the crew start their long haul to Nevada, organiser Graeme Allen (one of AfrikaBurn’s directors) provides us with an update and info on the project. More »

AfrikaBurn to Burning Man by Bicycle – almost there!

Posted by on 1st August 2013

With less than 1000 km left to go, wild horses couldn’t stop the journal and its magical contents from making it to the playa.More »


Posted by on 13th June 2013

For anyone attending AfrikaBurn over the past two years, there was one artwork that was the talk of Tankwa Town: Lizzie the life-size flaming T-Rex. Now she needs our help to get to Burning Man!More »

Temple Tale

Posted by on 6th April 2013
Temple Tale

My friend Justin gave me this envelope before I left for NYC and he asked me to please put it at the Temple. I really wanted to know what was in it and why it was going to the Temple, but obviously I just had to wait till I got there.More »

It Began in Africa

Posted by on 7th March 2013
Ali B - It Began in Africa

(text and photos: Ali B)   Alongside being a regular at Burning Man in the US for the last six years, 2013 will be my fourth year in a row attending AfrikaBurn. I always look forward to DJing out there …More »


Posted by on 12th February 2013

How do I describe Burning Man to somebody when all the words I possess seem so impotent? Knowing that no words or pictures or videos could ever truly capture the experience I can only do my best and hope that it inspires you to discover this new world for yourself.More »

My different kind of 5-year plan

Posted by on 4th December 2012
5 year plan

In late April 2010 my life changed forever. I attended my first Burn. Having toyed with the idea of going to AfrikaBurn for a few years, I never realised what an impact it would have on me. Just 3 days in the Karoo desert and my entire outlook on life and people changed forever. I felt this warm fuzzy feeling in my gut and soul that didn’t disappear when I came back home, in fact it magnified.More »


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