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Lakes of Fire Exchange 2019

Posted by on 5th September 2019

Words & photos: Jonx Pillemer   I must admit at the outset, that while I knew there was a ‘Burner Exchange’ programme between the Great Lakes regional burn (Lakes of Fire) and AfrikaBurn, the South African regional burn, I have …More »

Lakes of Fire Burner Exchange 2019

Posted by on 5th April 2019

Another year – and another fantastic opportunity for two members of our global community to switch places, thanks to the annual Lakes of Fire Burner Exchange! This year, Andrew Miller from Toronto will be representing the Great Lakes region in …More »


Posted by on 23rd November 2017

Is your blood type A for Art? Were you born to perform? Does your wanderlust have you wondering where to from here? Well here it is Folks, the sign you’ve been waiting for – entries are officially open for the …More »

Call To Entry: Burner Exchange 2017

Posted by on 16th February 2017

If you weren’t aware, for the past 4 years, AfrikaBurn and Lakes of Fire, a regional in the Michigan area of the USA, have had a Burner Exchange Programme that’s seen artists go back and forth between the two, with …More »

Hey, You – Burner!

Posted by on 30th March 2016

It’s 3am, and I am standing in a metal cage somewhere on a dry lake bed in Black Rock City, Nevada. Dusty, spent, broken, and ready for more. Did I mention the cage was getting struck by lightening? Yip, from a Tesla coil, to a soundtrack of seriously macabre circus music. More »

‘Hey, YOU!’ Burner Exchange

Posted by on 12th February 2016

  Do you like warm ocean breezes, palm trees in the moonlight, round-the-clock spa treatments, private villas, and champagne in crystal glasses? You do? Avert your eyes or close this page – this isn’t for you. However, if the romantic hum …More »

Wet in the Midwest : AfrikaBurn on exchange

Posted by on 16th August 2014

Bowties, lake swims and braai in the U, S and A? Duncan Larkin experiences Lakes of Fire, thanks to the Burner Exchange Program.More »

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