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How To Manage Your Camp Waste

Posted by on 15th April 2014

With every participant at AfrikaBurn expected to be radically self reliant, it’s an excellent idea to plan ahead in terms of waste management. Here’s a handy how-to guide and some great tips. More »

Give Thanks

Posted by on 9th April 2014

It was pretty hard and taxing on the body, and after four days we were not nearly finished but our bodies felt like it. We were out in the heat all day, hammering nails into the lovely hard ground, and walking the space over and over again.More »

The Desert People at 6 o’clock

Posted by on 17th February 2014
photo by Damien Schumann

They look more weathered than the rest, and there’s a good chance your first shared dialogue with them might be quite offensive. Don’t take it personally – that’s just how DPW shows affection. More »

Working The Burn

Posted by on 6th January 2014
Photo by Sonica Spirit

Sonica Spirit, MOOP lead for AfrikaBurn and generally capable wonderwoman, shares her experience of working with DPW and Resto crews at Burning Man.More »

Moop Map 2013

Posted by on 19th August 2013

Ladies and gents, boys and girls – gather round and lay your eyes upon AfrikaBurn’s very first Moop Map! More »

Fun and Loving: AfrikaBurn Archetypes

Posted by on 5th June 2013
Photo by Jani-Marie Breedt

If love is in part only temporary shared space and time, then I can start to understand some of what makes up the magic of this event. Running into the desert is one of the most meaningful affairs I’ve ever had. More »


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