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The Great Trek (helpful hints to survive your first Burn)

Posted by on 6th February 2019

Words: Solar Santa / Photos: as per credit   Back in 1836 the history books tell us that the Afrikaners disenchanted with British rule packed their voorlaaiers, Bibles and grannies into their ox wagons and headed into the great unknown. …More »

Best kept secret: volunteering

Posted by on 26th January 2019

It is one of the principles: participate, get involved, no spectators, the more you give, the more you get. And that’s the truth as discovered by many Burners. I had to fish hard for this little jewel, which was told …More »

Survival Guide 2017 Released

Posted by on 3rd April 2017

Your Survival Guide is here! Imigaqo yokuphilo seyifikile! Jou oorlewingsgids is hier!   And, as you can see above and might’ve guessed, it now comes in not one, not two, but three flavours: English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans. Because why? Because …More »

Last Minute Info

Posted by on 24th April 2014

Right now, all of our team are on site, but if you have questions, you’re in luck – tuck into this serving of handy last-minute info. If you know of anyone who could use the info, please share it with them, thanks. More »

6 Tips for First Timers (from a new Burner)

Posted by on 31st May 2013

Get your head around the spirit of it all. Knowing this will help shape your decisions so that you’re a welcome Burner, not someone looking for another place to party, make a mess and pass out. More »

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