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Consider this ~ Inner preparation for the Burn

Posted by on 23rd April 2019

Words & photos: Hana Park We are now less than a week away from stepping foot on the red soil of Tankwa Karoo and seeing our collective dreams come alive. There will be many things that will demand our time, …More »

Best kept secret: volunteering

Posted by on 26th January 2019

It is one of the principles: participate, get involved, no spectators, the more you give, the more you get. And that’s the truth as discovered by many Burners. I had to fish hard for this little jewel, which was told …More »

Why Decompression?

Posted by on 5th July 2018

                 Text and photos: Jai’prakash Sewram     This morning, in my dream, a young boy appeared and asked me “Why do people need to decompress?” Determined not to pass up a moment of knowledge impartation, I responded and wanted …More »

How to not use money (A decommodification perspective)

Posted by on 13th April 2017

Photo by Giordano Sordoni Not using money doesn’t only start when you hit the Tankwa. It’s a deep and meaningful practice that will leave you feeling exhuberated and empowered as you master it’s illusive art. Draw up a list of …More »

Ten tips for a Greener Burn

Posted by on 7th April 2017

Green Hacks And Eco Tricks From Burners Like You “As one of 13 000-plus burners,” I said to the very busy and handy AfrikaBurn online community forum, “how can I create a cleaner, more eco-friendly AfrikaBurn?” Here are ten eco tips, …More »

6 Tips for First Timers (from a new Burner)

Posted by on 31st May 2013

Get your head around the spirit of it all. Knowing this will help shape your decisions so that you’re a welcome Burner, not someone looking for another place to party, make a mess and pass out. More »

AfrikaBurn Photographic Advice

Posted by on 24th April 2013

Visually, Tankwa town and the surrounding landscape offers some of the most spectacular and rich vistas anywhere. As a result, there is a strong likelihood that you’ll decide to bring your compact digital camera, smartphone or even your fancy new SLR.More »

What to carry when wandering the Burn

Posted by on 3rd April 2013
What to carry

There are lots of things that you can take with you when you leave your camp and head out to enjoy the Burn, from the useful to the entertaining to the down-right bizarre, however I am looking at only the most essential: the three items that you should have with you whenever you’re away from your stuff. These are water, a cup, and a plastic packet.More »

Sleep in the Belly of a Beast!

Posted by on 25th March 2013
Belly of the Beast!

Wanderlusting AfrikaBurners, listen close – ancient bellies are rumbling! Conventional sleeping arrangements are crumbling! Roooaawwrrr! Turn your humble tent into a sculptural spectacle and join the ranks of sleeping stegosaurii that will be taking up residence in the suburbs of Tankwa Town.More »

Life Beyond the Fridge

Posted by on 28th February 2013
Life Beyond the Fridge

AfrikaBurn is far from your home fridge. Unless of course you have one of those small ones that plug into your car, or bring a generator, but that’s a different article entirely. What I present here for your delectation is a list of tips I have assembled over the years for providing tasty food beyond the fridge.More »


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