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AfrikaBurn 2016

As with each year since it started in 2007, AfrikaBurn takes place on Stonehenge Farm in the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. A year’s worth of anticipation, dreaming, planning, building and creating comes together to create Tankwa Town, a temporary city formed from the imaginations of its participants (that’s you).


AfrikaBurn 2013 - Get Involved!


To get an idea of what it takes to make your AfrikaBurn experience as fulfilling as possible and how you should prepare for it, take a look at the info on the Participation page and get planning! The more prepared you are, the greater the experience will be for you, and everyone else who participates.

And to be truly prepared, read our Survival Guide.


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Your first stop should be to read up on the 2016 theme – ‘X’. That’ll provide lots of ideas to inspire you to dizzying creative heights.

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Keen to participate in AfrikaBurn 2016? You’ll need tickets – and to get those, you’ll need a Burner Bio. Create one by clicking on this handy link:

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