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Each year we let our imaginations go where they will, and that open stretch of Karoo gravel becomes a blank canvas for our wildest imaginings. A burst of beauty, colour, fantasy, dreams, noise and pure joy. Anything is possible on the flat dusty plain of Tankwa Town.

You don’t have to be an artist or a performer either – all it takes is an idea, and the will to make it happen. Collaborate or don’t, whether you’re a pro or not, it’s simply about self-expression. Go as big or as small as you like: the only limits are your imagination.

With that said, it is important to take responsibility. Anyone making a commitment to creating art at Tankwa Town must take responsibility for all aspects of that creation. From filling out the art registration form, participating in dialogue with the Art Wranglers, arriving at Tankwa Town, protecting your art, lighting it, maintaining your artwork during the event to cleanup at the end. It’s not a small undertaking but it is massively gratifying and Tankwa Town will love your gift.


Interested in creating art for AfrikaBurn? Great!

Things to think about if you want to make art at AfrikaBurn.



In fact, we strongly encourage you to consider creating art that can be dismantled and repurposed – as building materials for disadvantaged communities, or to live beyond the event, and bring joy to communities who could use some. Could your piece become a jungle gym, for some kids who’ve never had one? Maybe those beams could be used in building a roof? Think about how your piece will make a difference in the world (which it can’t if it’s reduced to ashes).

If you’re thinking about making art to burn, please read about building art to burn.


Artworks are never just artworks! Read up about Artwork Registration.


Interested in bringing a performance to the dust? Then read more about Performance Registration.


Creative Grants are intended to help enable creative expression in Tankwa Town. If you have an Artwork or Performance project but you need financial assistance to bring it to life, you’re eligible to apply for a Creative Grant (if you’re looking to apply for a Mutant Vehicle Grant, you’ll find that info here).

Please read everything about Creative Grants before you apply, thanks.

The deadline for Creative Grant applications  is 10th of November 2017.


Our Clan sculpture is a physical representation of the spirit of AfrikaBurn: it consists of a one torso, many heads and many legs going in the same direction. It indicates unity of intent, and you can find out about the history of the Clan here.

Each year, the Clan is our central effigy and is built by members of our community (you too can build the Clan). Anyone’s able to submit a proposal to design or build the Clan. If you’re interested please read the Clan Guidelines, then draft your Clan proposal and send it to

Don’t panic if it doesn’t look perfect, just like you’re envisioning your piece. It’s only a proposal and a work in progress.

Your final proposal has to be in on 30th of September each year at midnight – but don’t leave it for the last minute, as then we will not be able to assist you developing your idea if needed, and we might just be missing out on the most spectacular Clan ever!


Practice Communal Effort and make it happen!

Whether you are planning on bringing your very own creative project, or not, if art is your thing and you want to get involved in creative collaboration, this is for you. 


Do you love the Tankwa art scene and want to get involved with all of it at the same time? – You can! 
Read about the different ways you can enable art in Tankwa Town and support the artists in their creative endeavors, at the ARTeria.

Volunteer on Artworks

Building art in Tankwa is an extraordinary experience and a great undertaking. Possibly one of the most gratifying things that can happen to you at AfrikaBurn is working yourself really hard on building something beautiful.
Do you think you could and would like to help make it happen? Then be an Artwork Volunteer.

Community Directory

Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration. 

Are you a performer looking for a space to do your thing? Check out the projects that are looking for performers. Do you want to get involved, but you’re not sure how? See what the creatives crews are asking for.

Visit our Community Directory


Please send an email to

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