Binnekring Events

All the world’s your stage in Tankwa Town, and it’s filled with fellow performers. There is no audience, everyone’s part of the show! Stand up on a soapbox, start a conga snake, recite poetry, break into song, or perform random acts of ballroom dancing – step into the middle of nowhere and give it your best shot, break a leg, knock ’em dead!




There are no headline acts at our event, and there’s no promotion of any artists billed to perform. For that matter, performers aren’t paid to work their magic on a crowd – they, like everyone else at the event, provide their art and skills as a gift to the community.

There is no power supply provided at AfrikaBurn. If you’re going to need power for your performance, you’ll need to sort that out yourself. A little power sharing goes a long way. Power for the people? Nope: radical self reliance for the people!

There’s also no main stage and side stages – but there are plenty of spaces to perform. And plenty of ways to do it. Get organised and bring your own stage and equipment, do something spontaneous and impromptu somewhere that just feels right, or find a theme camp, artwork or mutant vehicle to perform at.

Registering your Binnekring Event does not grant you a space to perform, nor to camp. It also doesn’t entitle you to drive on site, to an ice card, to a ticket, nor to a Work Access Pass to get on site early. Registering your Binnekring Event gives you the pleasure of introducing your event to the citizens of Tankwa Town (and, in some cases, to apply for a Creative Grant).

If you have an orchestra, a parade, a roaming show, etc – You can apply for a Creative Grant, that would help cover some logistical challenges and make it possible for your group to perform in Tankwa Town.

Register Your Binnekring Event!

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