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Laser artist? Band? One man band? Riel dans groep? One woman band? Skiffle player? 18-piece jazz troupe? Orchestra? Interpretive dance? Tuvan throat singer? Maskandi? Great.

Just one thing: as everything in Tankwa Town is created by its citizens (that’s you), we (as AfrikaBurn) don’t book artists, or DJ’s. Why? Because AfrikaBurn isn’t a music festival.

Need a stage or space to your thing? You’ll need to hook up with a camp that has what you’re after – or create it yourself. Many theme camps create a collaborative space open for any performer to use, and they may provide some equipment. We can put you in touch with these theme camps and other performers, close to the event – but you’re also welcome to reach out to our community to let them know who you are, and what you do. Don’t wait for our OK: it’s your event, so feel free to make it happen – but we’re here to help if need be.




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