Direct Distribution FAQs

1) Why have Direct Distribution Tickets?

As a city built on the contributions and efforts of a wide range of creative Collectives, it’s crucial that longstanding (and new) contributors are acknowledged and stand a fair chance of being able to access tickets – and this is why we have the Direct Distribution Tickets (DDTs) in place.

It’s also important that we have a solid foundation of veteran burners in Tankwa Town to meet, greet and acculturate eager new participants, ensuring that they not only survive the elements but also fully participate in the AfrikaBurn culture.

2) Who gets access to DDTs?

All participants who have registered a creative project, or volunteered repeatedly and consistently for a number of years at any AfrikaBurn event – and also members of Collectives that are registering and contributing a new project.

It’s the project lead’s/main contact person’s responsibility to contact and manage each member of their Collective with their registration form. The responsibility then shifts to the individual to complete their info timeously and to buy their ticket/s when they have their unique access code.

NOTE: the term ‘project’ means anything from a humble one-person, portable creative project, all the way up to a massive, 50-crew-member project. It includes all Artwork, Theme Camp, Mutant Vehicle and Performance projects – and also deep volunteering. And DJing a set or dressing up in a great costume? Sorry, that doesn’t qualify as a project (though building a stage and performing, or creating a costume camp, would).

3) Do these tickets expire?

Yes (though for the 2018 round, we’ve extended expiry dates – so if you have a link you haven’t used, go ahead and use it).

DDTs allocated to a Collective that are not not used by the deadline are automatically released into General Sales ticket rounds. This info is provided in mails that notify recipients of DDTs, and is also explained on our main Tickets page.

4) How do DDTs work?

If you qualify for an individual Direct Distribution ticket (because you’ve registered projects for our event, or are a longstanding volunteer), you’ll be sent an e-mail from Quicket with info on how you go about redeeming your ticket.

If you’re a project lead of a registered creative project and have requested a number of tickets for your Collective, you get sent an e-mail from Quicket with instructions on how to go about distributing the tickets allocated to your crew. Please be aware that the onus is on you to ensure that you allocate those tickets to your crew with enough time for them to buy them before they expire.

5) What if this is the first time I am registering a creative project, am I less likely to be awarded the tickets I have requested?

Our teams want to encourage as many people as possible to create & contribute projects, so the chances are that if you register a project, you’ll get allocated tickets.

6) How will AfrikaBurn ensure that there is a fair distribution of Direct Distribution Tickets?

All applications will be reviewed before a decision is made. Our Creative and Mutant Vehicle teams have several years worth of history and experience which they will use to cross-check applications.

7) How does AfrikaBurn know that the people receiving DDTs are in fact participating and contributing to the event?

Our team review the historical registrations and identify the registered projects and their leads. These people are then invited to apply for Creative Collective tickets, on the assumption that they will be participating in a meaningful way again at the next event.

New projects that register are also invited to apply for Creative Collective tickets. They’re given the benefit of the doubt, but the relevant team will check up on the projects on site to ensure that they materialised. 

Anyone who received a Creative Collective ticket last year and did NOT make their project happen and did not return their ticket will unfortunately not qualify for a Creative Collective ticket again unless there’s a good reason.

8) What if I don’t have a Collective to join, does that mean I don’t have access to DDTs?

If you’re all on your own, but you’re planning a magnificent artwork or mutant vehicle or the like, and you register your project in time, you will likely get access to a DDT.

If you aren’t planning on making something, there will be limited tickets available through the General Sales. If you’re looking for a project to join (and thus secure a DDT), take a look at our Join A Project page, where you can browse & connect with Collective crews who are open to new members.

9) How can I request DDT’s for myself and my Collective?

You’ll need to register a project – and to do that, just log into our site with your Bio details, head to your Collective (or create one) and then hit the Artwork, Mutant Vehicle, Performance or Theme Camp project registration options in the sidebar. When you register, you’ll get the option to request DDT’s for your Collective / project crew, and our team will get back to you with allocation info.

Thanks for reading – if you know anyone who could use this info about our DDT system, share it with them, thanks.


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